Sunday, February 9, 2014

12 Months = 1 Year

Even Nomie can't believe she's a one year-old!

Friday, February 7th, 2014

She got to have a fun party too!!

Of course I was too focused on the moment to take lots of pictures, but I got a priceless few with Minnie Nome and her angel food cake.  

What's that candle? 

 I must touch this cake.

 It's a Minnie Candle!

 This cake is pretty good.
The Strawberry Whipped Cream was PERFECT!

Some of our family members came to celebrate with us.
There was a soft Minnie Mouse theme.

I've realized that having Naomi's birthday one week before Valentine's Day couldn't be more ideal!  There will never be a shortage of pink m&ms, pink polka dotted cupcake liners, and various other pink/red party supplies!  We didn't have to spend a ton of extra money exclusively getting only Minnie Mouse stuff, because it all matched.

Anyway, we ate crock pot chicken fajitas with all the fixings and angel food cake (and cupcakes) with that aforementioned divine strawberry whipped cream.  The meal seemed to be quite popular even with the kids. Success!!

Nomie loved the attention and her present, a plush Minnie Mouse that we bought way back in November! My Mom sent a Winnie the Pooh birthday card with some cash for her Piggy Bank (and a whole mess of new clothes for next year).  And Hylan's Mom gave her a cute puppy card with piggy bank money as well as a cool red watch to play with (which she loves), and some sweet sweater leggings for the future. 

It was a great birthday!  Fun had by all.  I even sent this picture to be featured on GTU, a local talk show here in Utah, and she got lots of birthday love from the hosts.  It made my day!  And Nome's.  She stared at herself for a long time.  :)

I can't stop staring either!  Something about your own child, ya know?!  Wow, just wow.

Some milestones this past month:
  • She cut her top two teeth!  (Four months after getting her bottom two teeth)  
  • She has had a great sleeping month!  My favorite were the two days in a row last week that she slept 13.5 hours.  I snapped this picture because I couldn't believe it.

  • Nomie is still dependent on her walker to walk.  She doesn't much like it when I make her try to walk on her own, but she'll figure out how much more fun it is to walk around the house instead of crawl.
  • We finally baby-proofed our kitchen cabinets, so now my bathroom is her favorite place...but we keep bathroom doors shut, so hopefully she doesn't learn how to open doors anytime soon.
  • She has finally started asserting some independence when it comes to food.  She still eats almost everything I give her, but here and there, she may spit something out that she doesn't like. 
    • I think mandarin oranges are her absolute favorite thing to eat.  That, and those Gerber cheesy puffs.  She will down those in no time.  
  • And on the food note, she is a COW MILK drinker now!  Yippee! The transition couldn't have been smoother.  About a week ago, we ran out of formula and kept putting off a Costco trip.  We gave her a bottle of milk and she took it.  And we haven't looked back.
  • But she's still on a bottle.  She thinks sippy cups are funny and will take a sip here and there, but she hasn't mastered the holding, tipping, and drinking technique quite yet.  She does like drinking from an open cup though, so I have hope to transition her off a bottle soon.

And just to finish off this Nomie post...

Super Bowl XVIII was awesome if you're a Harper who grew up just outside of Seattle, Washington.

We had a super party here with a perfect outcome.  Skittles all around!
Our basement has been getting lots of use!
Oh, and of course, I had to pull out all the stops...

Super Lemon Cake (with a Happy Birthday message for our nephew).

Daddy and Nomie dressed appropriately for the game!  

I even got into the spirit wearing a dark blue dress to church and carried Naomi as my accessory in her pretty green smock dress with bright green stockings.  I wish I had a picture of that.     

I really enjoyed being a Seahawks fan for a few weeks, but...

Next year, Eagles!

Next year, it's the Eagles tutu for Naomi!  :)  Next year we will make it further than one game in the playoffs!

What a great past month.  What a great life!  I feel a thousand times better than I did last year at this time. Too much happiness to go around.  

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