Tuesday, January 7, 2014

11 months

Another month.  

She keeps growing!

And sometimes this is how posed picture taking goes.  Can you tell how much I care about photography? Ha!

I'm glad that I decided to document this girl's life one month at a time, because I'm not sure if I would have done any blogging otherwise. I know I'll thank myself again in the future for doing it. Perhaps I'll still document our trip to PA for Thanksgiving soon, but don't hold me to it, but do hold me to the capstone blog of Naomi's 12th month!

So, since I last posted, Naomi decided she loves to real crawl because she is much faster at it. She also loves to pull herself up on every piece of furniture in the house. She loves buttons, cords, lighted buttons, ripping paper, anything that she can chew on, the dishwasher, the Swiffer and dust buster, jewelry (especially ripping my earrings out), pulling off her socks and shoes, playing with Mommy's shoes, climbing on Mom, hopping on Pop, pulling books off the bookshelf (we've finally moved stuff to prevent this), throwing her dolls out of her crib and laughing about it, pulling towels or blankets down, my phone, and the TV remote. Fairly typical stuff.

We bought her a walker for Christmas that has a removable electronic "learning farm" play deck (just like this one) from Costco. It has been her most favorite toy and I feel like a genius for picking it out. She will be walking without support in no time (yay?!).

Naomi still eats anything I give her, so I give her lots of cookies and french fries. Ha ha, j/k! But I may or may not have had to take a piece of cat food out of her mouth (kitty's food had been moved, but he often drops bits on the floor).

She still has trouble with a sleeping routine. Some nights it's a perfect 12 hours. Other nights...well, frustrating to say the least. Some days, two perfect naps. Other days, three naps, no naps, late naps right before bed--oh, those are frustrating--or 11 tries to get one nap.Thank heavens for the awesome glider I found (and for google telling me about random $30 coupon codes!), and for Hylan who assembled that thing even with missing bolts (he found some to fit...don't worry, it's not going to collapse, ha ha).  But actually, she sleeps well, I'm just grumpy if I'm awakened in the middle of the night for any reason.

Nome had her first round of antibiotics/steroids this past month too. The cold I thought had gone away, came back. And since mine did too, and since mine was not a cold but more like the worst bronchitis ever--yep, I still have rib pain from coughing so much in case you're wondering, and since I finally decided to fill my prescription of cough syrup and a "Z pack"--that's why we decided it was okay for her to have some help from modern medicine. She was healthy in time for all of the festivities of the holidays, so I was grateful! 

When Hylan comes home, Naomi races Kingo to the door to offer him the biggest grin she can muster. It's the stuff that melts hearts, you know. Unfortunately for Kingo, even if he gets to Daddy first, Naomi gets picked up first. Not to worry, that cat is not neglected. He is a Koala Cat and solicits snuggles all the time!

What else is there to say, but to enjoy these sweet pictures from this past month?

Lenny the Leopard hugs Nomie

 Cool sleigh, made by Grandma Harper!

Minnie Nome

 Enjoying a lime at Rubio's! (bless their fish tacos, yum!)

Our Christmas card this year, made by my sister-in-law! If Hylan wouldn't have coordinated this, I definitely wouldn't have gotten around to it, so thank you Hylan and Beth!

Hope you had a joyful holiday season. Now, on to more snow and bitter cold. Is it Spring yet?

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