Saturday, December 7, 2013

10 months

Santa's Little Helper lives in our house!

Nomie has been a good traveler, for the most part, as of late. We spent Thanksgiving in PA (more on that to come) and we made it through mostly unscathed. Actually, my worst fear was that she would have a meltdown on the airplane, but she didn't during the 3.5 hour flight there nor did she on the almost 5 hour flight back (dang that head wind). The car rides were more upsetting to her.

But anyway...

Naomi has loved to say Mama, Dada, MumMumMum, DuhDuhDuh for awhile now, but we're starting to think she has connected the dots and knows what it means. Hylan said she pointed both fingers at him and said, "DahDah" with a big smile.

She loves to point at people and things (but mostly me and kitty), is starting to figure out how to wave hello and goodbye, and also has learned how to give high fives--or more correctly put, low fives.

She still loves to eat anything I feed her. She ate lots of stuffing and sweet potatoes during Thanksgiving week, among other things.

Nomie still army crawls everywhere, but just today we caught her regular crawling, like she'd always been doing it that way. Her legs are getting very strong. She pulls herself up in her crib and on other furniture, and loves to walk with help from a parent.

This was the first time I had ever seen her standing by herself.  She's at the point of, stop taking my picture and get me out of this prison crib! 

She had her first bout of the sniffles recently, but other than a bit of crankiness and extra snot, it wasn't all that bad. Me on the other hand, I just can't seem to overcome the sniffles....

Naomi readjusted to Utah time and her own crib like a champ! She has been sleeping much more regularly like 8pm-8am with a couple of naps during the day. If she gets a little less sleep at night, she takes longer naps, but we haven't had as much trouble with the whole idea lately. We also learned that WE NEED A ROCKING CHAIR for her bedroom--like 6 months ago we needed it. I had always intended on getting one. My mom even offered to pay for it, but I just couldn't find one and stopped looking a long time ago. Well, it turns out that was a big mistake, so if anyone has a suggestion on where to find a great rocking chair, let me know! 

Nomie loves books, especially touch and feel books. She used to love to eat books, but now she loves to point at the pictures and turn the pages. Sometimes she even seems to listen intently while we read. I love that.

Another month down, only two more until she is one year old! Wow. 

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