Sunday, September 8, 2013

7 Months

*Should I just call this blog "Naomi's Blog of Life" now?  Ha ha.  I don't brag about all the yummy stuff I make anymore, or how I canned salsa and tomato sauce this past week!  Oh well, now on to more shameless Mommy bragging updating for posterity's sake.  

Naomi is another month wiser and she sure knows and loves her Mama!  I mean, she has some serious separation anxiety going on these days.  Daddy is an acceptable substitute some of the time, but mostly she wants to be around and observe whatever Mommy is doing.  She likes other people, especially babies, but if I leave, she is a basket case!

I've gone back to teaching at UVU just two classes, two nights a week this semester and so Naomi gets some much needed daddy-daughter bonding time.  I am getting back in the groove and LOVE teaching again.  I can't believe how refreshed I feel after a couple hours of working out--I mean that's tiring, but emotionally/mentally I am feeling lots better.  I think I was having my own bouts of caregivers' fatigue because of my lack of ability to ask for help.  So, there is no question in my mind that I NEED to teach. And since I also NEED to exercise, it's a triple bonus that I get to do both and be compensated.

Last Thursday, this is how I was greeted after class!

 My Favorite Faces

Some more fun updates about the Nome:

Nomie absolutely adores her kitty brother Kingo (aka Kingomo or Gomo).  She smiles and giggles whenever he's around.  He tolerates her, but if she screams or lunges toward him, he's outta there fast!  He is never mean to her, even when she aggressively pets/pinches him, so that's why he's not usually a fan of getting too close to her.  I suppose he knows his limits and will not lash out against the innocent. What a sweet kitty brother.  

Naomi has eaten lots of different foods, mostly fruits, a few veggies, baby cereals, and cheerios.  She seems to like eating solid foods and hasn't refused anything we've fed her (except that first experience).  She does make some funny faces sometimes due to the different textures, temperatures, and tastes.  My Magic Bullet is coming in handy again to make quick small batches of purees.

Outtake 1

She is not crawling yet--though, she thought it was hilarious when I was teaching her how--but she sure likes to roll around the room.  I left her in the family room while I was cleaning a bathroom a couple weeks ago, and had momentary panic when I didn't initially see her when I came back.  She had rolled her way over to our open stairway (*gasp, #momfail) that leads to the basement. Luckily she was blocked halfway by the half wall, but needless to say, she isn't left unsupervised in the family room anymore, and we went and got a baby gate straightway to avoid future mishaps.  I guess our baby-proofing days have arrived!

Naomi is full of joy, except when she's not.  She will only sleep in her crib and occasionally her car seat, but does not fall asleep snuggled to mom or dad, in fact, she's not much of a snuggler at all.  So, church is still tricky because she's always ready for her morning nap during our 9:00 am church.  But still, she is such a fantastic night sleeper, that I can't complain!  And she is now officially exclusively a crib sleeper for naps and bedtime.  We have retired her newborn sleeper!

My Dad was in town again for a little bit and got some bonding time of his own with his favorite newest granddaughter.


 So sweet

Last week I realized that her hair has gotten quite long and she needed a new 'do, so here's my little Pebbles!

Naomi still loves her stroller and is always pacified when she gets to go for walks (unless it's super windy or pouring down rain, oops Friday).  She has also recently been introduced to the baby swing at our park and she is in love!  Baby laughter is the best medicine, I swear.  Sometimes I wonder how evil can exist in a world where there are sleeping kittens and giggling babies, ya know?!  

I love my family!  :)

 Cute outtake #2

And now, football season makes our lives complete!  Ha ha.  Just kidding.  Sort of.  Great game Cougars last night and good luck Eagles tomorrow!

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