Sunday, April 12, 2015

January: The year started off poorly but the month ended well!

Moms should never get sick!  Moms don't get sick days.  Pregnant women should be exempt from infections and viruses.  Ugh.  Yuck.  Talk about losing control of your body!

So, the thanks we get for taking care of our sick children, sometimes results in us getting sick (this season was such a bad one for people everywhere).

I got a cough/cold that lasted for at least two weeks (it wasn't the flu, I did get tested even though I had a flu shot) and then just when I thought it was clearing up, it turned in to a sinus infection (luckily, antibiotics can help with that!).  It was bad enough that I had to cancel my second class of the semester because I was just too ill to do anything.  It was also difficult because how do you take care of a toddler and your own fatigued pregnant self when you're sick?

And the gagging.  Oh my gosh the gag reflex comes on strong for me, especially during the so-called glorious trimester.  Teeth brushing and retainer-wearing were just so annoyingly gag-inducing.  Add that to persistent coughing, and all of a sudden you have a recipe for more cookie-tossing.  YUCK. YUCK. YUCK.  I did way more of that this pregnancy than last, and a lot of it was just because the hacking caused so much distress that that is how my body reacted.

In short, it was miserable on so many levels.  Not to mention, once I actually got better, it still took my lungs at least an additional couple more weeks to heal. Laying down was not my friend for a long time.  When I get a cough, man it is just that bad barking cough, and I hate it.  And it's so hard to sleep!

But on to happier subjects...

Back in November, Hylan had mentioned something about how he wanted to start the tradition of taking Naomi to BYU women's basketball games.  Um, really Hylan?  You don't have to twist my arm.  I think we ended up going to at least 5 games in January in February and I'm pretty sure I initiated all of those trips, but it was because he said he wanted to!

So, one of those days when I wasn't feeling awesome (but better than on January 1st when we had planned on going with my sister's family to a game and having a traditional New Year's dinner together), we took Naomi to her first BYU women's basketball game.  And it was good times!

She got to wear her fancy track suit.

It's so much less stress to go to a women's game because there is lots of room to play!

And the chicken dance is always involved during a timeout in the second half. The cord guy is kind of in the way, but I'm so glad Naomi has such a great Daddy who is willing to take her down on the court.

They may have held up traffic a bit, but I just thought they were a cute pair!

Oh yeah, and then there was that time that Naomi went to the doctor with me, during one of my many prenatal exams, and when we got home, I turned around to notice that she had stuck a giant sticker to her head.

Here's a better shot.  I didn't panic but I did put her right in the tub.  After a few attempts at different methods of removing the sticker without creating a bald spot, I finally realized that baby oil might work.  A little dousing and it slipped right off!  Phew.  Tragedy averted.  So, let that be a lesson for the future.  Greasy hair is much better than a bald spot!  And at least baby oil smells good.  :)

Later in January, we found ourselves shopping for Rosie.  Hylan said that she needed some of her own (new) clothes.  I'm not sure that I felt it was necessary, but you pick your battles, right?  ;o) Once again, you don't have to twist my arm off, Hylan!  Whatever you say, dear.  :)

When I found the flamingo baby clothes at the Carter's outlet, it was super hard to resist buying too much! And then later in the week, it was super hard to resist the other flamingo outfits we found at Kohl's.  I thought I might take something back and then I realized I didn't really need to.  Everything was just too cute!  

Did you know I've been obsessed with flamingos since the first grade?  It's my thing.  I love that babies don't care what you dress them in so you can dress them in whatever floats your own fancy. And so I do!  And this is why sometimes you do a load of darks, sometimes a load of whites, and sometimes you do a load of pinks!  Yep. Or maybe that's just me. I bet it's just me.  :)

Hylan worked a lot in January too.  He even got to do some events at Sundance with clients and coworkers, but the wives were uninvited, so Naomi and I had a date one Friday night to the Dyson repair shop, Lowe's, Costco, and Culver's.  That's what this crazy selfie is all about.

My parents came out in late January through early February for my niece's baptism, so that really helped take the woes out of the month also, but more on that in the February post.

This next picture is just another one of my faves.  It was taken the day my mom, sister, and I met up at IKEA.  The pink sweater with the white collar, the white skirt (under her Betsy doll), the tights, the patent leather shoes, and the curly puff on top of her head, I just gush.  Sorry, I'm gushing.  I'm the mom.


And that's a better way to end the month.  And a blog post!

Next Up: February: More family fun, Naomi's 2nd Birthday, and the blue dress photo shoot!

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