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December: The good and the bad

As soon as we got back from our trip, Hylan, with his new title at work, started to really ramp it up, working long days plus Saturdays.  This put a wrinkle in my plans to try to enjoy as many festivities of Christmas as I could, but that was just in the first half of the month...

We had our ultrasound at the beginning of December where we found out that it was another:

I kind of thought we were going to have a boy (not really a premonition like with Naomi, just a thought), but was quickly delighted when I realized I could use all of the same girly stuff again!  Plus, we have yet to agree on a boy's name, but have had an easy time naming our girls, so I guess it's the way it's supposed to be! We were both happy at the prospects of two little girls.  Sisters.  I hope they grow to have a strong bond!

Back to this idea of having a super fun awesome stress-free enjoy-the-season baking, decorating, crafting, looking at lights, watching cheesy Hallmark movies every night kind of Christmas season. That all quickly came to halt when I woke up one frightful morning to hear Hylan writhing in pain laying on the floor in our closet.

I did get one project done. These trains were fun to hand out!

Yikes!  He had established such a great routine waking up in the early morning hours to go to CrossFit...but the morning of Saturday, December 13th, he ruptured a disc in his back.  This disc (and his degenerative spine) had been causing him issues for a long long long time, but his exercise routine seemed to help mitigate the pain/numbness until this injury which put immediate, direct pressure on the nerve , rendering him incapable of much movement at all (I still don't know how he drove home from the gym).  It was so hard to watch and not really be able to do much to help him.  

Thankfully, with the help of Hylan's father and brother, he was able to get to the ER right away to have an MRI and then schedule an appointment with a surgeon, while I stayed home with Naomi. He was in so much pain for the next several days, but we were so fortunate to then be able to schedule surgery, a microdiscectomy, for Thursday, December 18, 2014.    

To be honest, I was kind of relieved that he would be able to have this procedure done which could potentially eliminate the chronic problems he had, but it certainly wasn't going to be easy on him (or me, for that matter)!  

Hylan's family watched Naomi while I spent the aforementioned day with him at UVRMC.  During his surgery, I spent the time getting Christmas cards prepped and mailed out and played Scrabble on my phone.  All went well with the surgery and he stayed overnight for monitoring while I went home to tend to Naomi.  

But then on to recovery.  No twisting, bending, or lifting for him for at least six weeks!  And of course, in the immediate time, lots of resting, but not too much because he was also supposed to get up and walk frequently.  It was not my favorite time because I had to assume more duties like kitty litter, trash, all the loading and unloading, and Naomi all the time!  It doesn't sound like much, but you quickly realize how helpful a husband is when he can't help anymore.  I really wanted to complain, being pregnant and all, but at least I was in that "glorious 2nd trimester" so I had a bit of stamina for it.

Such is life.  Our church Christmas breakfast was two days later on Saturday and Hylan was able to go with me, though he was sore, it was good for him to get out and walk a bit.  And we have these great gems of pictures to treasure because of it.  

 Yes, we actually have a professional Mr. & Mrs. Claus living in our neighborhood.

It's just that Naomi wasn't too excited about it.

And so the Christmas season was not quite as magical as I had hoped it would be, but I know Naomi enjoyed opening her gifts (mostly from her grandmas) on Christmas day.

On Christmas Eve night, we went over to Hylan's parents house where his sister and our brother-in-law had prepared a delicious turkey dinner.  I mean, really, DELECTABLE!  When we got home, I let Naomi open the jammies I bought her in PA.  She seemed to like them.

 Scottie Dog!

Of course, this is just before she tripped and fell down the stairs (such a scary moment hearing the bounce, thud, scream).  :( :( :(  Her pants were too long (#momfail).  She was okay after a few sobs and cuddles though.  Then we read the Christmas story in the bible and said goodnight.

We slept in on Christmas morning, opened our stockings first, then I made biscuits and gravy. After that, we (mostly Naomi) opened our gifts (I think it was like 11 am when we got to this part. HA HA!).  And by the way, it snowed all Christmas morning.  That was so beautiful and perfect!

 One of the fun stocking stuffers.

A coin purse from Hawaii with money (also from Grandma)!  

She still loves Minnie Mouse

 Necessity toys from grandma like a puzzle...

 and shape blocks. 

Also barnyard animals from her other grandma!

Naomi also received a barking/walking puppy with a connected hand remote control from us which she loved (because she played with it back in October at Walmart).  She had a delightful Christmas and still plays with all of these toys today.

We spent the remainder of Christmas day not doing much.  It wasn't really my favorite day though because Nomie became quite ornery.
And that night we realized why.  She got sick with croup.  Gosh was that horrible.  And of course, Hylan did too much trying to help me out, but a week of getting up with her every night for several hours, giving her constant steam baths, changing the humidifier, and tending to the needs of the household really wore on me.  He did so much that he thought he tweaked his back again and went in to have another MRI.  Thankfully, he didn't do more damage, but he was still awfully sore from his incision for weeks more.

This is how she spent her time when she was feeling a little better.

The year ended on a low and 2015 began on a low because then I got sick...but more on that in the next post.

Next Up: January's Woes.  (Wow, that really makes you want to keep reading doesn't it?)  

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