Monday, April 13, 2015

February: An Eventful Month!

As I mentioned before, my parents came in to town to celebrate my niece's birthday and baptism.  My brother's family also came in to town from San Diego.  This all happened to occur the weekend of the Super Bowl.  I'm not sure why I have no pictures of any of these events, but trust me, we had a great time (until the Seahawks lost--poor Hylan).

But I do have pictures of Naomi's 2nd birthday!  We went to another BYU women's b-ball game in the afternoon.

Chicken dance with the cousins!

Then we had a party back at our house!  I think the cousins enjoyed it.  I kind of did the same menu and decorations as her first birthday.  Naomi especially loved her Minnie Mouse balloons!  We had (crockpot) chicken fajita tacos and angel food cake with strawberry whipped cream and mixed berries.


Last year, we gave Naomi a stuffed Minnie Mouse and that was about it.  This year she was a bit more spoiled, but she really loved everything she received! Hylan and I gave her a magnet Elsa doll set that she still plays with every day!

Grandma gave her a singing pink rocking horse (this was during the assembly process) 

In the end, it was a simple, homemade, family birthday party perfect for our 2 year-old.

Another highlight of early February was shopping for fabrics for Rosie's quilt.  

This was only from the first store.  There will be at least 12 other fabrics, but I just couldn't resist the cute little Minnies for some of the quilt blocks.  My mom will embroider some special blocks to sew in as well.  I can't wait to see how it turns out because I haven't even seen all of the fabric choices!


On Valentine's Day, I just had to bake!  This is my favorite recipe for sugar cookies and frosting.  It makes tons, so lots of neighbors got to benefit.

I was going to make the Minnie Mouse cookies for Naomi's birthday, but I didn't have the time or energy, nor was it necessary, so they were included in the Valentine's Day baking!


My grandma (Naomi's namesake) made this blue dress for me when I was a little girl.  She had been asking about it since Naomi is the right size, so it was time to send some pictures!

I originally wanted to have some professional pics done, but if I waited to do that then it probably wouldn't have happened.  So one Sunday morning, we dressed her up, plopped her in a chair, told her to say cheese, and took pics with our phones.  ha ha!

It was really hard to narrow down some favorites because her expressions were so different, but my sister-in-law edited and spliced this one together for us.  Thanks Beth!

By the way, whenever someone tries to tell me my daughter looks like me, I wonder why they are lying to me.  We don't.  It doesn't make me sad one bit. She's adorable.  But it does kind of make me mad when people lie to me, you know?  Okay, not really.  But seriously, people, I'm not blind.

We are totally alike in personality though, so it's very easy to relate to her.  


Naomi's favorite pastime is watching youtube videos. She especially loves old Mickey Mouse cartoons, various videos of Disney toys, kid song videos (like Daddy finger, Baby Big Mouth, Wheels on the Bus), and these videos where they crack open plastic eggs or chocolate eggs to discover some sort of toy.  I don't even know how she finds these things, but she is very skilled at using the tablet.  I don't really mind because a lot of the videos reinforce learning colors, shapes, and songs.  It's nice she's content to entertain herself so I can do stuff like cooking, cleaning, or exercising.  :)

She rarely falls asleep outside of her room, but I guess she was tired this day.


Hylan's birthday was on Thursday, the 26th and we spent the day together as a family!  It's always nice when he takes time off, so that was a present in itself.  I bought him a couple of new ties that he needed and we ate at Rodizio for lunch and PF Chang's for dinner.  But again, sometimes I get too busy enjoying the moment to take pictures of things.

And that was February.  The third trimester really started to kick in and slow me down by now.

Next blog:  March:  Disney on Ice, Nesting, and San Diego!  

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