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March: More Memories!

At the beginning of March, we treated Naomi to Disney on Ice.  It was a first time for all of us.  The show was called "Let's Celebrate" and featured many Disney characters in all sorts of costumes celebrating different holidays/events.

Naomi was really quite captivated and pointed a lot when Minnie Mouse was on the ice!  She also enjoyed her popcorn and twizzlers.  It has become a bit of a thing during shows.

We were in the third row, though it might not look like it.  I didn't really get any good pictures, but at least it shows we were there.
The birthday celebration on ice.


This was also a good month to nest and rearrange the bedrooms and closets. Naomi got a toddler bed, so her crib was moved to the guest room which is now Rosie's room, and the guest room furniture is now located in the basement guest room (which was formerly empty).  We also hung some shelves and did some light decorating.  It has all come together quite nicely and I could not have done it without Hylan's help! 

Apparently Kingo liked the new arrangement because first we found him on Naomi's bed, then in Rosie's crib, then on the changing table (not pictured).  He still likes sleeping on the changing table. 

Naomi got two sets of bedding: Minnie Mouse and Princesses.  Her bed/mattress was so cheap ( that Hylan told me to get two sets (once again, sheesh Hylan, why do you keep trying to twist my arm to do things? Can you tell he's more of a spender and I'm the saver). It's actually quite nice to be able to just switch out the bedding while one set is being washed, though.

And Naomi absolutely adores her bed!  She played with her bedding when we got it.  She hugs her bed at night and during nap time.  The transition to a toddler bed was about as smooth as it could be, although she was sick and teething that first week (darn those molars) so we were up with her a lot then, but since, it's really much more convenient for her to have the freedom and flexibility to get in and out of bed when she wants.  She has fallen asleep on the floor a few times and on the glider once, but hey, she's asleep!  And it's easy enough to pick her up and put her in bed.

Sometimes she will even put herself to bed for naps.  She is still, however, a night owl.  It seems like no matter what we do she just won't go to bed before 9 pm (and that's a good night, sometimes it's 10:30, which is when we go to bed). I blame late church, travel, sickness, inept parenting, and my desire to sleep in. But she still sleeps about 11-12 hours at night (with 2-ish hour daytime naps). She often wakes up between 9-10 am, rarely any earlier.  I'm not really mad about that because it gives me some morning transition time (you know because if I can, I sleep until 8:30 am. My best sleep comes in the morning hours!) 

Anyway, that's a long rant about sleep.  I don't get much great sleep these days as the pregnancy insomnia and incessant bathroom trips has taken over.  I'm not super excited for the newborn phase and the fatigue that comes, but I'm hoping I cope a little better this time around. 

Do you judge my parenting skills?  I have no idea how parents put their kids to bed at 7:00 pm?  I also have no idea how parents are okay with 6:00 am wake-up calls either.  I'm just happy when a baby/toddler/child sleeps through the night (at least 8 hours).  I love it when babies start to sleep longer and longer through the night.  I'm already looking forward to that, but I have no idea what kind of routine we'll morph into with two kids at different stages.

So, March Madness and St. Patrick's Day also happened.  I invited my sister's family over on the Sunday before the 17th for a holiday meal: Corned Beef and Cabbage, Irish Soda Bread, and this year, Chocolate-Mint Grasshopper Pistachio Pie.  Everything turned out so yummy.  I got the corned beef from Costco and my nieces kept calling it chicken and they gobbled it up like it was.  

I was planning on making these Shamrock Pretzel Pops with my 9 year-old Activity Days girls, but Naomi ended up being sick with a fever that day, so I just made them alone (and still have a mug full).  They are cute though, so you should make them next year.

I keep mentioning too many things I didn't actually take pictures of...

But here's something I did.

Hylan learned of a local wholesale princess dress event and this occurred.

Look for to be up and running soon!  He actually went and bought these dresses the afternoon we left for a quick trip to San Diego.

I've been having fun letting Naomi wear these super durable, machine washable, cute Disney-inspired dresses. 

Anyway, back to our trip.  You see, during our St. Patrick's Day feast, Hylan all of a sudden decided that we should go west for another one of my niece's baptisms (my sister's family was already planning on going and my parents were flying in from PA).  I was totally surprised that he was serious and wondered whether or not I would be able to handle it at just under 37 weeks.  

We left on a Thursday afternoon and pricelined a hotel on the way there.  In hindsight, perhaps a casino hotel wasn't the wisest choice for a quick overnight family stay, but we stayed in a very nice room at Caesar's Palace, at least.  It would have been worth it if we would have gotten to eat breakfast at Serendipity 3, but they didn't open until 9:00 am.  What the heck, Vegas?  We were there at 8:00 and just didn't want to wait a whole hour when we still had some travel ahead of us.  Oh well. Some other time for a frozen hot chocolate I guess.

Anyway, We lolly-gagged getting to California on Friday and spent the afternoon/evening with family eating, enjoying each other's company, and watching a bit of basketball.  On Saturday, my niece and nephew had a big birthday bash at a park with tons of food and even a cotton candy machine.  It was hot in CA and there wasn't much shade at the park. Also, Naomi got sick/feverish again (I think her molars are finally in and we are done!).  But all in all, it was a fun event.  

After some rest, we went to Belle's baptism at 4:00 pm and then the ladies watched the rest of Women's Conference (since we were at the Stake Center). That night, we ate at an authentic super delicious Mexican restaurant.

Here's the only proof I have that we were there.  Here is also the one and only prego shot you are going to get of me.  I just have not wanted to document it this time around.

We had planned to stay for half of Sunday (church, lunch, and a bit of the beach), but with Naomi feeling how she did, and with us anxious to get back, we ended up leaving in the morning and traveling all day Sunday instead of half Sunday half Monday (I had to get back to teach my class by 5 on Monday, no matter what since that was my last week of teaching before spring break and having a sub take over). 

It was a good time and I actually did surprising well for being so pregnant.

And that was March.

We're almost caught up!

Next Up:  April's Current Events

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