Friday, April 11, 2014

More Random Ramblings

I found this picture from a few years ago.

Sunday, April 13th marks 8 years of marriage.  Splendid.

I remembered something from February.

I decided it would be Hylan's ultimate Valentine's gift to fill up our downstairs fridge with drinks (ahem, soda) because you know, that's living the dream, right? For him, not me.  Mine would be ice cream but since it took me 6 days to polish off a small frozen custard from Culver's, better not stock my freezer with ice cream that would get freezer burnt before I could down it. I eat it nearly every night, but in small doses.  Okay, ice cream confession: 1/2 gallon of Turkey Hill Cookie Dough and half of a 1/2 gallon of Turkey Hill Mint Chocolate Chip.  Actually, it's not a confession.  I'm a proud ice cream eater.  What's in your freezer?     

Then I didn't do it, but I told him that that's what I would have done had I gotten around to it.  HA.

So, then I did it for his birthday (a week and a half later).  And it made Hylan exceedingly glad.

This is what it looks like today:

Man I'm so awesome and patient when it comes to taking pictures, but you get the idea.

Recently Hylan has told me he is going off soda again.  And my evil plan worked.  Overwhelm him with so many sodas that he gets sick of it and decides not to drink it.  

In other news:

Hylan is now a CrossFitter (just finished week 5).  He's trying to heal up a chronic hurt back/neck (degenerative spine/disc disease, bulging discs--all the fun stuff).  I don't know if he is hooked, per se, but he does seem to like it (5:30 am class, eek.  Good for him). 

I have my reservations about Crossfit (like, it's only for people who absolutely know what they're doing and can check their egos at the door because most of the workouts set regular people up for injury and failure). He has said the camaraderie is a bonus.  I get that.  Group fitness is awesome!

Perhaps someday I'll convince him that Pilates and Yoga are the best therapy for spinal health and core strength.  Or, maybe I'll have to try CrossFit, so I can be super cool too. 

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