Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Gotcha Day Kitty Boy!

It has been two years to the day since we adopted our sweet Kingo cat!  Much has changed since then: moving to a new house and adding baby sister Naomi to the family.  

I'm so glad I found his ad on KSL and that we decided to give him a purfect home.  He was 1 year old and living with a single guy in a tiny studio apartment.  He needed us and we needed him.  We just love him more and more each day. 

Crouching Kitty

He cuddles us and comforts us and meows at us all the time.  We couldn't ask for a better suited-for-us kitty.

 Snuggle time after church while Nomie was sleeping 

Selfie Sunday

Happy 2nd Gotcha Day Kingo!  We smile more because you're in our home. Continue to enjoy your life of sleeping, eating, playing, and cuddling.  We will too!  

And thank you Hylan for encouraging me to adopt our kitty and loving him immediately even though you didn't think you liked cats before.  Now you let a cat sleep on your face, or nearby it, nearly every night! Ha ha.  And thanks for taking care of his box and his food.  

    Hmm...wonder what they're looking at?
Actually, I think it's the mirror.  LOL!

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