Thursday, April 10, 2014

Book Reading and stuff

In light of my recent post about the virtues of TV, let the record show that I also don't think reading is inherently good or inherently better than TV viewing either.  

There can be entertainment value in either medium.  There can be uplifting, enlightening qualities in either as there can also be degrading, garbage books and TV/movies.  So, I just wanted to get that out there.  

With that being said, man I spend a lot of time reading.  Lately, especially with a fun story to read, but not as much novel/pleasure reading as I wish I would.  I'm really not as great of a reader as you would expect from and English major graduate.  What I mean is I often spend a lot of time reading...all kinds of stuff...but not as much book reading as I'd like.

Anyway, get to the point Emily.

Since that movie "Divergent" came out, I decided it would be better to read the book first then watch the movie.  Since the only movies in theater we've seen since Naomi was born were "Frozen" and "Catching Fire" both while we were on vacation in PA, it probably wouldn't be too hard to resist seeing the movie before finishing the book.

Paperback version of the book cover, obviously promoting the movie, and filled with all kinds of extra fun stuff in the back of the book that yes, I did read because I'm a nerd like that.  And yes, I think my aptitude is Erudite but I would choose Amity.  Oh Amity, the life!  Suits me.  And yup, Hylan is a total Divergent and would choose Dauntless, no question.  

Then Hylan said he would like to read it together.  Say what?  

Hylan doesn't read novels for fun.  Ever.  He confessed that he doesn't think he really has read any fiction book cover to cover.  Um, what?  Yup.  He used movies, cliff notes, other people's accounts, whatever he needed to to get by in a class or for a report.  Yes, that shocks me too.  I've always loved reading books and go through phases where I can't stop reading and read many books at once, and then have a dearth where I read nothing for many many months.  Usually because I'm too tired or busy, or something....

However, Hylan has/does read financial/economic/trading books...real interesting stuff, as well as some church historical/doctrinal literature here and there.  But, he fully admits he's not much of a reader.

So, when he said he would like to read it together, I was like hooray.  And we did.  I mean, I might have finished "Divergent" first and then actually finished "Insurgent" about 10 minutes after he finished "Divergent," but what a victory!

I haven't been able to delve into "Allegiant" yet, and Hylan is wishy-washy on whether or not he'll read "Insurgent" because, according to him, it takes a lot of time.  And, that was a lot of pages.  But, I think he will, since the ending to "Divergent" is very unsatisfying.

And in any case, now we can watch the movie sometime!  And hooray for a husband who reads with me, or read with me that one time.  :)

So, what else should I be reading while Naomi watches Baby First TV?  Ha ha.

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Lynn said...

Maybe you should try audio books. We listened to the divergent series instead of reading them and we locked it. Hylan could listen to it while he drives to work. And you could listen to audio books while you cooked yummy foods! Just a thought. ;)