Friday, April 19, 2013

Anniversary, chapter 7

You know, I used to think being sick was annoying.  It is.  But now I'm more inclined to think that being sick and child-less was a luxury!  

When I left full-time employment at BYU, I also left several weeks worth of sick days on the table.  Too bad there are no sick days for the moms.  

So, that's been my week so far, sick and tired and hauled up indoors.

Last Saturday, however, was pretty much our first real outing as a family (not counting grocery store trips or visits to my sister's).  It was our 7th wedding anniversary, so we made a small trip up to City Creek in SLC.      

It was a grey, overcast sort of day, so we bought Naomi two hats at Gymboree to protect her from the elements.  Here she is with Hylan in the baby bjorn, our little pink smurf!

This was the outfit she was wearing and I think it just became my new favorite. Pink corduroy overalls?!  I die, I die!

Also, we splurged on some Godiva chocolates.  Hylan got a key lime pie bon bon and I had a dark chocolate covered strawberry.  I thought it was a mistake when the lady said, "that will be $9.31."  What?  I mean, it was good chocolate, but not nine dollars good.  Lesson learned.  Ha ha.

We didn't spend too much time walking around, but we did enjoy spending the most time at the Disney store and randomly met up with some friends there, just proving that great minds think alike!  

After City Creek, we hit up IKEA and had a romantic dinner of Swedish Meatballs and Lingonberry Juice.  It was free dinner with purchase day, and we just happened to pick up some bookshelves that would work perfectly as benches for our basement.  Later, I saw this blog (via IKEA on twitter, via pinterest), and was like, hey we totally had that idea too.  We are geniuses.  

from the link above

As you can see pictured below, our basement is still a work in progress, but the idea is that this space will be for dining and entertaining and this bench seating will reduce the need for extra chairs.  Maybe I'll take better pictures as it gets more finished.  We do plan on adding cushioned seating like from the pic above.

Maybe next time I'll turn on a light to take a picture too.

Anyway, I get a pass on poor photography because I'm still sick and frankly, I don't want to go back downstairs to take another picture.  But then again, it's not like I try to take awesome pictures anyway, because I just use my phone so I can quickly upload them.  And besides, my window of free time is getting shorter and shorter as right now my baby is sleeping.  I should probably use this time to shower, but oh well, I'm blogging, and who cares?

So, that was pretty much our super fantastic awesome 7th wedding anniversary day.  Oh, I did forget the best part was that Hylan took over baby duties in the morning and made french toast for breakfast all before I left for a massage at Massage Envy to work out some tension in my neck.  That was a really nice way to start the day.  I love Hylan.  I wish he didn't have to be gone so much working!  He's a great daddy. 

Here are some more cute baby pics, bath time and smiles.  

Naomi loves bath time but not the part when she is taken out and it's cold and then I shmear lotion all over her, which she likes, except the part about it making her feel more cold.  Clean, sweet-smelling babies are so yummy!

I just love her Easter dress so much, that she got to wear it again this past Sunday.  She was all smiles at first, but only made it halfway through Sunday School, and then she was done.  Poor baby has some acid reflux issues, and is super cranky when she doesn't get her sleep, so I brought her home to settle her down.  Gosh, what would I do if we hadn't found an awesome swing at Kid to Kid for cheap!  Puts her right to sleep!

And here is a random pic from two weeks ago during General Conference. Bubba Kingo (yup, he has his own theme song too--I made it up) decided to sun himself in the window, all whilst guarding the Ensign!  Ha ha.  He's so funny.  And his fur sparkles like diamonds.  He might be a vampire cat.  Have you seen the teeth on cats?  Total vampires.  Except, I think he's just a milk drinking vampire (not that we ever feed him milk or ice cream, because it's not good for him, but he just might like licking our bowls if we let him).

I'm just hoping I feel better soon so I can get back on track exercising (I was doing so well keeping up the habit, alternating yoga and strength days, grr. Stupid sick germs derailed me the past four days.)  

And now that we finally have a proper stroller, I can start walking strolling outside if the weather cooperates.   

Baby Trend Euroride Stroller compatible with Baby Trend Infant Car Seats

Such a great deal at Target and fits/matches her car seat, but there were none in any Utah store...until a shipment arrived on Monday and Orem got a few in. Good luck finding this guy because they are never in stock in Utah, but you can order one online in Cocoa brown.

The End.


Bridget said...

It was so fun to bump into you guys at CC! I'm sorry you've been so sick. Hopefully the weather will warm up and somehow get rid of the cold/flu season for REAL this time.

Marissa Marie said...

Ah, being sick is just no fun. Hopefully soon you will just be sleep deprived, not sick and sleep deprived. :)