Monday, April 29, 2013

Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do

I have theme songs for my children.  

Naomi’s goes like this: (set to the “My Little Pony Tales” theme song)

My Little Nomie, my little Nomie.  My little Nomie girl! 

Kingo’s goes like this: (set to “Hava Nagila”—allegro or presto!)*
          Bubba, bubba ba Kingo, bubba ba Kingo, bubba ba Kingo Kat!
    (2)  Bubba, bubba ba Kingo, bubba ba Kingo, bubba ba Kingo Kingo Kat!

*Don’t ask me why I had this melody in my head because I have no idea how it got there, but I must have heard it in a movie, TV show, or commercial.  

FYI, if you ever have some tune in your head and you have no idea what it’s called, you can play it on a virtual piano on Musipedia.  It's genius!  I couldn't believe it figured out the song...that I played on my smart phone, notwithstanding my weak piano skills. 

I’m currently working on a ditty that involves both of my children in the same song.  It’s a work in progress but goes a little something like this: (set to “My Buddy and Kid Sister”)

         My kitty, my kitty, wherever I go, Kingggg-goes. My kitty, my kitty. 
         My Kingo and me.
  (2)  Kid Nomie, kid Nomie. Wherever I go, she’s gonna go. 
         Kid Nomie, kid Nomie. Naomi and me!  

 I never had one of these dolls, by the way, did you?

Yup, my brain is an endless repository of jingles, theme songs, and random music that I can't name.  

By the way, does anyone else remember "David the Gnome."  I loved this show, but Hylan is not familiar with it.  Someone else out there must have watched it too! 

Good ole reliable Swift!

I think having a kid has brought out my inner kid out and suddenly I'm making up songs for any and everything we do during the course of a day.  That, or the tiredness just makes me plum loopy.


Bridget said...

This is hilarious because I can totally relate! But I swear it only get's worse (or better, depending on how you look at it haahaa) as you listen to more and more of the kids' music and movies. You are such a cute mommy!
I've never hear of Swift though. But he does make me want to book a hotel, haha!

Bridget said...

^ (hinting at the travelocity gnome... I just realized that could totally be taken the wrong way). o.O