Thursday, March 7, 2013

1 Month!

Since February is a short month, 4 weeks and 1 month old coincide on the same day today, March 7th!  Happy Monthday Naomi!   :)

It's hard to believe how that much time has gone by.  I'm still adjusting to this new "routine."  And one thing I'm learning about newborns is that once you think you have a "routine," they grow a little more and change it all up over and over again.    

I have to admit that this adjustment has been really hard for me.  I've had a lot of negative feelings and emotions during these past several weeks (it doesn't help that I've never been a pleasant person on little sleep either).

Anyway, it didn't get better until I decided to open up and share my feelings instead of keeping them all bottled up.  Thanks to Hylan for taking a day off and being sensitive to my needs even though I couldn't express them!  I don't know why I find sharing my emotions/expressing my needs and accepting help from others so difficult, but I now know that if I don't, I'm a miserable person.  Not just miserable, but actually a complete mess.  I don't want to be miserable.  I don't want to be a mess.  So, I'm changing my ways.

And now here's my attempt at getting a decent photo.  The progression of pictures makes me chuckle.










sarahflib said...

A month already! She's such a cutie. I think that no matter how much you want to be a mom, the first baby is a big adjustment. In my experience things settle down a lot by six weeks and then I start to feel like I'm really and truly back at a new normal by three months. Not that all of those three months are crazy, but that's when I finally realize, "Hey, this feels normal again." Not sure if that makes sense at all . . . but it really is NORMAL to feel a little bit crazy during those first sleep-deprived weeks, even when you love your little person like crazy. Really, you still have plenty of physical healing to do, too, even if you're feeling good, so take it easy and feel free to accept any offers of meals or help with cleaning, even if you feel like you should be able to do it on your own. Good luck!

Bridget said...

Oh my heck!! I love these pics!! She is so cute! MORE PICS! Haha. :) Seriously, I can't wait for a playdate once it gets warmer. Ellee is dying to play with her. :)
Aaaand you can just ask Dev, I'm a complete total and utter mess for at least three months after giving birth. Lot's of crying at night.
It. Is. The Hardest. Thing. Ever. But so worth it.
Being a mom is so amazing that you can't even find words to describe it, but it's also the hardest thing you could go through I swear! Craziness. I'm typing on a lack of sleep, so I hope this makes any sense at all. Anyhow, love you bunches! You are an amazing mommy and wife!!!

Katie Jo said...

See what everyone says... 7 weeks is the magic number! hehe :) So cute pictures, love it! I wish I would've thought to do something like that with my babies. I'll have to remember that for next time. (Next time??? haha)