Monday, March 18, 2013

Post Baby Fitness

So, I'm back at it today.  I have to sub for Pilates and Yoga classes this week and next week at UVU.  In some ways, I can't wait to do it and in other ways, I'm terrified.  Everything seems so different now.

I want to do it because I know it will help my frazzled mental state, but I'm scared to do it because I'm not physically healed yet, nor am I in good shape.

I realize this means I'll likely be doing more coaching than demonstrating, which is fine, but I'm hoping that I haven't forgotten everything (how to teach) in these last 3 months I've been off.

Two weeks ago I started to try to prepare for this.  Last week I did 3 days of Tracy Anderson Method: Post Pregnancy Workout  based on a recommendation by Katie!  It was hard.  My core is definitely not as strong as it used to be.  I had to modify some of it because my body was not ready for too much rigor, but I think it's a decent workout and had some different dance-y elements/exercises that I wasn't completely familiar with (I love variety and learning new things!).  I also interspersed that with some yoga throughout the week, as per usual because my body is just not happy without yoga!  :)

This past week I did yoga on Monday, treadmill on Tuesday (oh my gosh, that was horrible!), yoga on Wednesday, treadmill on Thursday (still horrible), a 10 minute Ballet Blast legs workout on Friday (oh my gosh, I'm still sore from that!), and very light yoga on Saturday.  

It may or may not sound like a lot but I am terribly inactive during the day and I really am trying to let my body heal and not do too much, but I am so anxious to regain my muscle tone and feel strong again.  Plus, I just need the psychological benefits--those endorphins--for my mental health.

I really don't know how some women are running miles and miles right before delivery and then a few days after, or, insert whatever crazy thing women are doing a few days after having a baby.  Now, I don't have any other pregnancy to compare my recent one with, but this one felt traumatic for me.  The physical healing is one thing, the mental adjustment another, and the emotional stress another.  So, I'm still trying to take life one day at a time and be better at asking for help.

Anyway, during the last two weeks, I've literally only been out of the house to walk to the mailbox once and Hylan drove us to Arby's on Friday.  It's a shame because I missed that nice spring-like weather we had in Utah, but oh well.  Taking care of Naomi, sleeping, eating, and exercising seem to be my highest priorities (in that order), so anything else that gets done, like making dinner, is gravy!  I did manage to clean the house in its entirety on Friday (including mopping the floors) which was a great accomplishment and sacrifice, but it feels so much nicer to know it's clean, and it's the first time I've done it in over 5 weeks!  I might add, that's not the first time my home as been cleaned, just the first time I've done it.  

This baby stuff is so hard. I'm glad that a lot of you are posting so many positive things about motherhood out there, because I have found it difficult not to be cynical about everything.  I know I'll get better with time, and I knew at least intellectually that it would be difficult, but I really had no idea that it wasn't going to feel as blissful and divine as it seems it should be.  

Enough of that though.  Here's to another week!  Bring it on March Madness.  I love this time of year so much.  I am so wishing I had tickets to the first round games in Salt Lake, but baby isn't old enough for b-ball games yet anyway, so I guess I'm glad I don't.

And now, here's a never before posted funny pic of the baby from several weeks ago.



Marissa Marie said...

I know a few people who are running miles the day before...and a few days after delivery. Hooray for them. Wasn't me. And guess body didn't suffer permanently for it either. I weigh a little less than pre-preggo weight, and I'm running again. I loved an article about Jennifer Garner after she had her first baby. She didn't get back into her awesome shape for about a year...because she said she felt like she needed to be there for the baby and that fitness stuff takes a lot of time and energy. I can't tell you exactly when you will feel that blissful feeling, but I have no doubt it will come and it will be intense and make all the not so blissful moments worth it. Your baby is adorable. Hopefully it continues to warm up in good ol' Utah and you ladies will get to sit out in the grass and enjoy the spring!

Katie Jo said...

Hey I keep forgetting to tell you that I don't do ALL of Tracy's video, just the abs part! hahaha The butt workout is completely insane! I figure since I'm running I don't need that butt workout every time, but I do it at least once a week! I do the arms though, just because I want arms like that! hahah