Friday, July 13, 2012

Vacation Wrap-Up

On my actual birthday, July 10, Hylan I ventured to downtown Lancaster to walk Central Market.

After that I decided that we needed to head up to Lititz to do some touristy things that I haven't done in many years and that Hylan has never done. 

So, I got a small supply of Wilbur buds from the Wilbur Chocolate Factory (YUM!) and then we took a tour of Tom Sturgis, the oldest pretzel bakery in America!


I hadn't been to Tom Sturgis in a long time, but I have been making pretzels for a long time, so when the lady was teaching us how to make the shape, I just may have whipped mine out before everyone else (hey, I am the inventor of Pizza Pretzels, remember?)  Show off, I know!  Anyhow, I finally earned my diploma, so I am now an "Official Pretzel Twister."  Was there ever any doubt? 

For your gee whiz collection, if you didn't know already, the pretzel shape was said to have been invented some 1400 or so years ago to teach children how to pray.  The pretzel pictured on the diploma that looks upside down is actually right side up.  If you can picture a kid folding his arms and lifting his elbows, there you have a pretzel shape.  And apparently, that's how people prayed way back when.  That's what they told us anyway.  Also, the three spaces in the pretzel are said to represent the Holy Trinity.  To learn more about it, click here.

Hylan really liked Lititz and so do I.  It hasn't become as run-down as parts of Lancaster are, so it's quite a nice little town.  We finished our tours eating lunch at Freeze and Frizz, where I had the most unique PA Dutch Beef BBQ sandwich ever.  

The rest of my birthday was relaxed because we had to get ready for an early flight the next day, but we did enjoy a delicious Chinese feast made by my sister-in-law for dinner.

Some other random highlights of our epic vacation will now be included:

On Friday, July 6, just after we returned from Virginia, some of us were able to go to a Lancaster Barnstormers game, courtesy of my mom's friend who had 6 tickets to a very nice (air-conditioned!) owner's box.  It was so darned hot and humid that half of us stayed inside most of the time to watch the game.  Lancaster beat the Long Island Ducks 13-1, so it was definitely an enjoyable game to watch.  Despite the fact that neither Hylan or I are huge baseball fans, this was actually Hylan's favorite part of the whole trip, so I'm glad we were able to do it.  Baseball is way more fun live.  And way more fun when you can watch it in such a posh way!   

These are my nephews with the mascot, who came around to visit all of the sky boxes.

We also visited Hershey Chocolate World for kicks and giggles.  I've been there a hundred times and maybe it does get old, but it's still fun.

These pictures were all taken on the "ride" that teaches you all about how Hershey makes and produces their chocolate products. 

Another couple highlights from Virginia, were mini golf with my brother's family (which actually wasn't that fun in the 100 degree heat) and eating at Hank's Smokehouse on our last night there.  The ribs were good but we weren't that impressed with much else. 

And since those are the only pictures that either I took or found from my sister-in-law, I guess those are the memories that will last.

It is good to be home, but I am slightly jealous that my parents, brother's family, and Aunt & Uncle are now up at the Hill Cumorah Pageant.  Oh well, another time  I guess (I've actually seen it many times, so I am satisfied).  And besides, our kitty missed us fiercely! 

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Katie Jo said...

We are July birthday twinners!!! The best month for a birthday. You got to go home and so did I hahaha too funny. Your trip was so fun to read about. I saw the Hill Cumorah pageant once and loved it. It's amazing how fast those pets can steal your heart away isn't it?!?!