Monday, September 3, 2012

A Mysterious Package

A funny thing happened when we went to our local Costco...we saw our former Landlady from our Orem days who happened to be shopping a little further North than usual and who was especially delighted to see us because she had recently received a package on her doorstep for us and had not yet called to let us know because her new phone didn't have our numbers. 

Providential, don't you think?

Hylan and I were very perplexed by this news and couldn't figure out who or what the package could possibly be and why it was delivered to an address nearly 2 years old.

Well, we went to pick up this mysterious package (and had fun visiting with many of our old neighbors--gosh, I do miss that east Orem area) and when we got home opened up this package from Pillsbury:

150, 1 oz packages of Italian Herb & Cheese Baguette Chips!

Apparently, once a member of the Pillsbury Bake-Off Family, always a member.  And this is a club that keeps on giving!  I love those guys.

So, I can only imagine they expect me to share information about this new product with friends and family, so consider yourself informed.  And if you happen to come visit us in the next few months, you may end up leaving with several bags of chips in hand.  :)

By the way, we have sampled these and are actually very impressed.  These are super crunchy, crouton-like, Italian-flavored chips.  Delicious on their own, we decided they would taste great as croutons for soups and salads, ground up and made into crusts for quiches, as a topper for casseroles like green bean casserole, or even used to crust a chicken breast. 

After sampling Hylan's open bag, I decided to sprinkle some tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese on a plate of these and after about 30-45 seconds in the microwave, voila, I had Baguette Pizza Nachos!  Yum.  Yes, I am a genius.

It's things like this that sure make life exciting and interesting. 

Speaking of exciting and interesting...

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