Monday, July 9, 2012

Birthday, part 30

We celebrated my birthday at the homestead one day early (July 9th) so that everyone that's around could participate.

First, Hylan and I ate lunch at Issac's, a fun flamingo-themed sandwich restaurant in PA.  I had the Gooney sandwich and Hylan had the Falcon Club (each of their sandwiches are named after birds) and both were exceptionally yummy.

For dinner, I requested Papa Dino's pizza, a NY-style thin crust, fold-over kind of slice, and a Carvel ice cream cake for dessert (I worked at Carvel the summer before college and so did some of my siblings many years before me).  There's something comforting about the flavors of home.

As a side note, we eat really healthy in Pennsylvania with our steady supply of potato chips, pretzels, chocolate, and ice cream!  :)  Don't worry, I'll eat more veggies and less sugar once I get home.  I'll also get back on the regular workouts bandwagon, but for now I'll enjoy my naps and treats.

After dessert, I opened up a gift from my Mama and it was a flamingo purse (no, I will never grow up) stuffed with $.  I also got a sweet little Coach purse from my bro and sis-in-law a few days prior.

I told Hylan that he doesn't need to get me a Blentec yet, since that's kind of a big deal purchase, and also because we've just spent two weeks on vacation to my homeland and it has been quite nice of him to happily accompany me for the whole time. 

Anyway, we are both anxious to return home to our sweet babycat.

For the first 30 years of my life, I'd say I've had a great measure of happiness so far!  :)

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