Monday, July 2, 2012

Virginia Fun

In the middle of our super fun East Coast getaway and here are some highlights from July 2.

We're currently nestled in a little place called Massanutten, a resort located in the Shenandoah "mountains" of northern Virginia.  These mountains are nothing like the Rockies, just tree covered hills really, but it really is quite beautiful and not all that different from southeastern Pennsylvania, my homeland.
Hylan and I ventured away from the crowd (our 12 nieces and nephews and 4 of my siblings) to tour the Lurray Caverns.

It takes a lot to impress me--I've had the opportunity to visit many caves in my day--and while these caves were impressive and the 1.25 mile tour was fun, somehow it didn't seem quite worth the $24.00/person admission.  Ah, but you only live once, so I don't regret the experience!

Later, in the day we had a birthday party for my niece who turned 7.  She even got a home-constructed treasure chest cake and presents on vacation.  Now that's awesome!

The party wouldn't have been complete without the 3 year-old getting horsey rides from his older cousins.

We capped the day off with a little swimming in a heavily chlorinated indoor pool and now I am beat.

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