Friday, January 6, 2012

The Warmest New Year's Ever!

Hylan and I had the opportunity to take a quick road trip to San Diego, CA with my parents. We had some great family fun time in gorgeous weather with my brother's family who lives in San Marcos and another brother's family from Maryland.

We went to La Jolla, saw the seals, visited the top of Mt. Soledad, ate at Soup Plantation, I visited the "world's largest Lexus dealership" with my brothers, and we ate pizza (with fresh veggies, of course). We watched the BYU and Utah bowl games (great wins!), admired the sun going down on 2011, ate at The Fish House and watched "The Christmas Carol". We went to church, ate pork and sauerkraut (PA Dutch tradition for good luck!), and played a Wii Smash Brothers Tournament for my nephew's cub scout project. Oh yeah, and this cute little dark-skinned girl in the hallway of our hotel called me a princess. Melt my heart! :o)

All in all, I'd say it was a great time, except that both Hylan and I returned home sick. Too bad. But it was worth it to hear Belle and Marie say, "I love you Unckie Hylan" and to watch this video of them dancing (you have to view it on my facebook page, sorry.) So cute and funny!

I should have taken more pictures, but I only captured the New Year's Eve sunset from this cool park in San Marcos.
Soaking up the views.

"Rock" climbing!
Auntie had fun climbing the rocks and ropes and snapping pictures.
There goes 2011. Those are clouds, not the ocean, by the way.

N'oubliez pas la lune dans la ciel!

Now, let's get over this sickness, because it's back to business next week and my new teaching schedule! I'm adding Powertone and Pilates to Yoga at both UVU and BYU. Funny how I had to quit working at BYU to work at BYU. I like my hours now much better than before.

Happy New Year to all!

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