Monday, January 30, 2012

"Doctor, Doctor, Give Me The News..."

The doctor called me this morning and told me "we have a big problem with your blood work..."

Unalarmed, I patiently waited to hear the news that I suspected but wasn't completely sure.

"Well, your iron level is severely low. You should be at 150. Guess what yours is? It's a 2!"

"Oh, umm yeah, well I mean I always feel tired, but I just figured that was normal."

Blah, blah, blah, yackity schmackity...

He wants me to go in to have an IV to get a quick jump start and then of course supplement with iron daily.

Guess that explains why I almost passed out teaching powertone last week.

It probably also explains why I almost passed out hiking Timp a couple years ago.

And why I'm so ghostly pale right now too.

Or, why I run so slow. My fastest 5k time is around 32-33 minutes. Yah, pathetic, I know, but I figured I was just too lazy or had too much lower body weight, or just too weak, or something.

But hey, if I can finish a half marathon on low iron levels, then think what I will be able to do with normal iron levels!

I really should know better. I eat quite healthy, but I rarely eat red meat, not because I'm opposed, I just rarely eat it. I was severely anemic in high school. I remember the doctor said my hemoglobin should have been at least 12-16 and I was at a 6. That was 13 years ago.

I tried to donate blood back in 2004 and they turned me away because my iron was too low. I stopped trying to donate blood--I figured that was one thing I needed to be selfish about.

So, I guess the moral of the story for me is to regularly supplement my diet with iron! And not to wait 5 years between visits to the doctor. Oops. Yeah, it had been awhile. And to have my iron level checked annually!

I've got to beef up my red blood cells, like I'm trying to beef up my muscles. I suppose we're going to have to frequent 5 Guys and Texas Roadhouse a little more often as well. :)

At least my problem is solvable. I just wish I wouldn't wait so long to figure out that tiredness isn't normal. Silly me! I could have been a much better athlete and much nicer, more energetic person. Oh well.

Here's to better health in the future.

And in good news, my cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure, etc. is all perfect. At least I'm doing something right.

To learn more about iron deficiency anemia click here.

Does anyone recommend any particular iron supplement that is gentle on the body?

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Bridget said...

OH, I hope you feel better soon!
I've had the same problem and I swear it's why I have been craving beef like crazy this pregnancy. We normally only eat it like twice a month, but lately it's been 2-3 times a week.
Good luck with the supplements.
Some pre-natals have TONS of iron in them, so you might look at just taking one of those instead of a regular multi-vitamin...