Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tis the Season for Orange Marmalade

I had leftover oranges from Thanksgiving that I decided to turn into Orange Marmalade a few weeks ago.

This was my first time ever making it and I think it turned out quite delicious. I found this recipe really straight forward and easy to follow. I would recommend the cold plate trick especially in Utah because the altitude messes with the candy temperatures--the marmalade never made it to 222 degrees, but it was definitely ready after many minutes of stirring and boiling.

Love that mandoline!

Love that microplane!

Lots of sugar! Sheesh. I have a food scale, but I think 3 lbs 12 oz translates into about 7 cups. Because marmalade includes the rind and pith, it does need a lot of sweet to counteract the bitter.

Okay, so I need canning equipment. My stockpot only fit 3 in the bath without touching--I was concerned about the glass breaking so I was careful not to let the jars touch each other or the bottom of the pan (dishtowel on the bottom of the pan).

I was worried they weren't sealing, but , with a little patience, they all sealed up even though they didn't make that classic popping sound.

So pretty.

Taste test.

The gifts. I sure hope it was appreciated!

Now I can cross off something else on my culinary "to do" list. I will probably be making this again, once I have the proper canning equipment!

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