Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Fun

I've sure had a fun and yummy Christmas season this year!

I made a quick Buche de Noel for a Sunday dinner. Hylan contributed the woodland creature.

Since my parents are in town, we had to continue the gingerbread sleigh tradition. My nieces and nephew were quite excited to help (well, Brigham was just excited to eat treats all day long).

A completed sleigh. Notice the mountains of candy in the background. Those we would turn into Christmas trees. Check it out:

So festive!

At home, I had to breed some more reindeer for my reindeer brigade! (Notice they are all Rudolphs!)

And finally, I found a bearded polar bear at Target. Ha Ha! He likes egg nog and peanut butter cups but not carrots and celery sticks.

Great times this season. Merry Christmas!

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