Monday, December 12, 2011

Jolly Good Man, I say

And it goes a little something like this:

One day you'll be off teaching your evening yoga class at a local University, doing your thing, just like any other normal Tuesday or Thursday. When your husband gets home from a long day of work, he'll miss you and wish you were around, so he thinks up a fantastic scheme. He'll go and do something almost unthinkable and open up his computer's Internet browser to the blog that bears his and your name.

Perhaps, he considers, I'll discover something interesting about our"adventures." Or, at least he'll accomplish his goal of feeling a bit closer to you so that the minutes pass by quicker until you return.

He reads fantastical tales of boats and holidays, food a-plenty, and he even one about a handsome guy with multiple domestic skills. That sure looks like me, he smiles while staring at the screen, looking up for a moment to remind himself he's still alone.

After the smile fades, a few concerning thoughts whirl around his mind like a vortex: it's not that I doubt he can do this...I'm still waiting on that shelf for our washer and's only been over a year.... He simply can't shake the nagging feeling of a project undone and a wife dissatisfied, so he rises from the couch, looks heavenward and shakes his clenched fists above his head in agonizing digust.

If she really thinks she "won the lottery" when I picked her, then I must prove it!


So, the next day at work, he finds out about some office furniture that would be disposed of if no one one wanted to claim it, so he quickly devises a plan to modify some cabinet drawers for his wife's laundry closet. "Brilliant!" he gloats to a fellow employee.

Bad-a-bing, bad-a-boom. He builds it, reinforces the support, and impressively uses his own brute strength to hoist those incredibly heavy machines. What an awesome surprise to his wife and a gift she will forever cherish as long as they both shall live in that home!

The End.

I don't know what else to say but that I really love that guy. He has been full of completing projects lately. I especially appreciated this past Saturday when he took our cars to get washed and detailed.

I also admire some of his other skills--you know the ones he hones outside the home.

Recently, he put some of his knowledge and experience into an inspired little budget book that is quite worth the 17-page read, if I do say so myself, and I do because I just might have put on my editing hat and helped with the process too. (English degrees do come in handy!)

Anyway, Wealth With Any Income: The Paycheck Plan is available on Amazon here and soon to be formatted for e-books.

And that concludes the advertising portion of this blog.

Disclaimer: I take full credit for the over-dramatization of the story about a guy shaking his fists at the heavens in disgust of himself for not building his wife some shelves to put her washer and dryer on. Any characters or events from the story may be uncoincidentally linked to real events and real people. Reality may have been altered for a comedic moment, but, to be sure, no pets werCheck Spellinge harmed in the writing of this story. This blog was brought to you by the editor of Wealth With Any Income: The Paycheck Plan. More shameless self-promotion. What are you going to do?

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Bridget said...

Congrats on the book. And those drawers are awesome!!