Monday, January 3, 2011

The Dyson

A couple months ago I was in the market for a new vacuum cleaner since we didn't like our Red Devil and decided to toss it in the can when we moved.

If you don't know my personality, I'm a bit meticulous when it comes to finding and purchasing the best products, so I definitely had to solicit some opinions. Thank you internet. (Should I be thanking Al Gore too? Ha ha!)

My coworker, Allison, swore by her new Dyson ball and encouraged me to get one. I also asked my facebook friends what vacuum cleaner was best and so many responded with a resounding DYSON is AMAZING, DYSON BALL AWESOME, GET ONE, I ONLY USE DYSON, etc. Almost entirely across the board were good opinions of the Dyson.

So, we decided to purchase a refurbished one from Overstock with a coupon. We got a great deal and I have a new best friend.

Here is my new pet.

I was so excited the day we got him. I went and vacuumed the whole house top to bottom including the stairs. New houses are kind of dusty, ya know.

Here's proof. That's all from one round of vacuuming.

Sure glad I won't be inhaling that stuff.

And so easy to clean out with a push of a button

I have since used this vacuum cleaner weekly and am still obsessively in love with its suction power, all-surface cleaning, long cord, and easy maneuverability. Vacuuming has become more of an enjoyable chore as of late. And I didn't think I would ever get another bagless vacuum, but this one is so much cleaner and much easier to replace the filters.

Thanks Dyson for inventing fantastic vacuums.

And a word to the wise--I definitely recommend refurbished products on Overstock. They are still brand new products, just cheaper. Do your research. We're pleased with ours.

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Audrey S. J. said...

Nice! The Dyson Ball is the vacuum we would get if we weren't poor, lol. Could never afford it. but it does look like awesome!