Monday, December 27, 2010


During our trip to PA for Thanksgiving, my mom, sister, aunt, cousins, and husband took a little trip to the Big Apple. Here we are catching a train in Jersey.

We went on Black Friday. While the rest of the crew went shopping (they already had tickets to see Elf that night), I had one objective. SEE WICKED.

So, we went to the theater and tried to "win the lottery." Two and a half hours before each Wicked show, you can put your name in a tumbler. If your name is called and you are present, you get to purchase front row seats for about $25.00. Cash. By the way, always have cash when you're in NYC.

We tried for the matinee. Failed. We tried the cancellation line. Wasted an hour of our lives only to be turned down.

We walked around Times Square, ate food, not to mention Crumb's cupcakes, visited my freshman roomie who lives in Manhattan, walked through Pop Tart World, M&M World, Sports stores, etc. Boy, we sure did some walking in the city. We also made a pit stop to "enjoy the go" at the Charmin bathrooms. So, yeah, if you're ever in NYC and want a clean bathroom--this place is purely dedicated to clean bathrooms--like after every use. They even make it "entertaining." I'd say it's definitely worth it if you're in the Times Square area.

Wasn't that cold in NYC, a bit windy though. Quick get the classic Times Square picture with your phone. Don't wait for the husband to turn around because he won't.

I digress...

We returned to the Gershwin Theater with high hopes of winning the lottery for the evening show. At this point, I'm still feeling lucky, ya know, with the awesome year I had with Pillsbury and winning other random things. But alas, there were hundreds of people and the odds were against us, so no win. This time we were a bit more savvy to the process so we marched right in to the cancellation line as soon as they announced the last person and within 15 minutes, we had incredible orchestra seats for 1/3 the cost those seats normally go for. FINALLY. I was ecstatic.

So after meeting up with the rest of the crew for dinner, we returned to our beloved theater for the fourth time in one day with our prized tickets and saw the best show on Broadway (I think Aida is still my second all-time favorite). Sheesh. Sure did take me long enough to see this show.

Yes, we are THAT close to the stage

Yes, Hylan is excited to go to OZ

I don't think I could have been any happier. SO WORTH EVERY HARD EARNED PENNY!

The only sad part was that the experience ended. After it was over, I wanted to see it one more time!

Glinda and Elphaba are my new favorite characters.


Staci said...

How fun! We were actually in NYC the very next day. It would have been fun to run into you. :)

Ginny said...

I guess we could have run into you as well as we spent Thanksgiving in NYC. I would love to have seen wicked but, alas, we saw the more kid friendly Mary Poppins and it was pretty good as well.

Audrey S. J. said...

totally nifty...Heard great things about that show :-)
Have you read the book? I have to re-get it from the Library lol. I had to return it before I finished..

queendeni said...

"Pop-U-Larrrrrr, I'll helpyo be pop uuuuular!! Loved it!