Wednesday, December 22, 2010

South Fork Canyon in the Fall

My nephew was born during a blizzard two years ago today. And here is a cute pic from September 2010. Happy Birthday Brother Brigham!

My brother Micah was born xx years ago today. He probably wouldn't want me to post a pic, but Happy Birthday anyway.

These pictures are from our family fun time in South Fork Canyon in Provo when my parents were in town in September. It was so beautiful.

Daddio and Me

Me and the Pops

Me and Mommy-Dearest

Just roasting a weiner

Taking a picture of my mom taking a picture of us.

And this is the actual picture I took. Ha ha.

Glad Hylan finally decided to show up. That was probably the weiner I roasted for him.

And the rest of the album.

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