Monday, February 8, 2010

"I got a dollar, hey hey hey hey"

Last Thursday night, after teaching my yoga class at UVU, I was walking on the sidewalk towards my car in the parking lot. As I was walking, I noticed a vagrant piece of paper folded on the sidewalk. When I got close enough to see what it was my heart sank a little--that's right sank, not lept--when I realized what it was. A TEN DOLLAR BILL!

The problem was that no one was around. I didn't see it drop out of anyone's pocket, so how could I return it to its rightful owner. Do I pick it up? Do I leave it there? The person who dropped it most likely does not know they dropped it and most certainly won't know where they dropped it when they discover it's missing. Is anyone tracing their footprints to try to find it? Those were a few of the thoughts that went racing through my mind. But there was no one around. No one but me to know that there was a ten dollar bill missing its owner, or an owner missing his/her ten dollar bill. I stood there for a good three minutes debating what to do.

So, what would you do? If you leave it there, someone else is just going to pick it up. If you take it, is that considered stealing? It's kind of difficult to take a miscreant ten dollar bill to the Lost & Found. I mean, really? Who is going to know they lost it? And who wouldn't claim the bill to be theirs. And besides, I don't even know where the Lost & Found is and that's a hassle...I'd rather just leave the bill on the sidewalk than go through that trouble.

I picked it up. I had to. I held it pinched between two fingers thinking that maybe someone would pop out behind a tree and say, "Smile you're on candid camera. We see you were going to take the money, why?" Or, maybe I would notice someone walking towards the spot searching high and low and I could ask them if they dropped some money. "Here you go. I'm so glad I found it to give back to you. How lucky you came back." I'd say something like that.

When I got to my car I determined that I could not use the money for my own personal gain. I felt badly that I had someone else's money--money they most certainly probably need more than I do. I think I'll donate it with my fast offering. Then I'll know it will go to somebody in need. That's what I thought. That was my best idea. And when I got home and told Hylan the whole story, he agreed that we should use the money in some sort of charitable way.

So, again I ask, what would you do if you were in my sneakers?


DP said...

Isn't it funny how if you found, say, a dime or a quarter you'd feel lucky, but it's totally different if you find a ten, or worse yet, something higher! Not sure what I'd do, but I think your plan is a good one.

Lynn said...

I would exclaim "woohoo!" pick Nick up and go to the Wing Shack for some yummy garlic pepper wings. I just justify my actions by saying it's making up for all the other money I may have lost but can't remember. Obviously I'm not as good as you are. ;)

Love ya!

Caroline said...

yep. Aaron found $5 the other day outside the Tanner building and totally pocketed it. There's no way you can ever return it to the owner, unless they came back. Anything under $20 I think you keep. No one's going to go scouring for that. Go to The Cocoa Bean and return it to the economy!

DP said...

That's true: you could take someone out for lunch with it.

P.S. I already ate today, but I'm hungry the rest of the week.

Emily said...

Hmm...these are great comments. Hylan broke the 10 into two 5's and tipped the Jiffy Lube guy who replaced my front left turn signal light bulb for free. This was probably unnecessary because I already had the bulb, but hopefully it made him happy. And now I still have enough for a cocoa bean hot chocolate and a cupcake. By the way, we sampled three more cupcakes on Saturday. :)