Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pizza Pretzels HOT OFF THE PRESS

Our little local schmocal Utah Valley newspaper, The Daily Herald, wrote an article about me and Pizza Pretzels. WANNA READ IT?

And omigosh, Rachael Ray thieved my idea on her show...I just found out by googling "Pizza Pretzels." Check it out here. Now how is my idea going to be novel when I go on her show, huh?
Oh well. Hope Pillsbury takes note that "Pizza Pretzels" are the next "it" thing.


Lynn said...

The Daily Herald?!? Oh my gosh you're so famous! Can I be your friend?

Emily said...

YES, you may! ;o) At very least, you are my Zumba friend. At most, you're the bestest buddy ever! ...But that will be $20.00 for my John Hancock.