Wednesday, February 10, 2010

First and Last Time

How ya doin' four eyes?

Take a good luck at the mug because this is the first and last time you'll ever see me in glasses. In less than 12 hours I'm going under the laser for some PRK.

I'll let you know all about it as soon as I can see.

And thanks to VisionsKing for my $35.00 pink glasses from China that arrived just in the nick of time on Saturday at 1:00 pm.

Just for Lynnakins--Can you spot the "dumpity" bear?


Lynn said...

dump dump dumpity lump bump bump bumpity HAPPY SUR-GERY! As you know already, I am so jealous! But I'm excited for you. It's gonna be grrrrreat! :)

Caroline said...

yep. i'm totally jealous too. Hey Lynn! And you're not reading my blog? Hmmm

Lynn said...

I'm sorry...have you ever mentioned a blog to me? I think not.

Megan & Trever Ford said...

That is great. Where are you getting it done? I got mine done back in OCT 2005