Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pizza Pretzels are Famous

People I don't even know are talking about my recipe. I feel like a proud parent. I mean, seriously, it only took me a few hours to test and write this recipe and now I'm in one of the most famous contests in the world. I'm starting to realize how awesome this is!

Check out the entire list of Pillsbury Bakeoff Contest recipes here: Pillsbury Bakeoff Finalist Recipes. Recipes are listed alphabetically by last name, ie look for "Harper."

And feel free to rate or review my recipe if you care to.


One more Eagles. Boo. :-( I'm swearing off football until the Fall. Mostly.


Anonymous said...

You can't swear off football yet! You have to be there at my football party to help me celebrate the Chargers winning the Super Bowl!!! :)

Emily said...

Yes, I told Hylan that I just might have to be a Chargers fan for the rest of this season. :)

Lynn said...

Boo Chargers. Boo.

Emily said...

Sorry Chargers.