Thursday, January 7, 2010

Favorites and Un-Favorites

Top 5 Favorites List with special bonus item

1.) Lindor Dark Chocolate Truffles

The peanut butter and chocolate mint ones are also quite hard to resist, but I have developed a special love for dark chocolate.

2.) Thai Food

CURRY CURRY CURRY. I love this stuff! Here's a link to a restaurant we frequent. I'll have to write an entire blog about how much I love Asian food--all countries--another time!

3.) Sunshine in Winter

Don't you love a warm car on a cold winter day? Or standing by a sunny window in a cold office? I also love the way the snow sparkles in sunshine. It reminds me that the spring will come again.

4.) Frozen Fruit

Just so perfect for smoothies. Just so fresh, delicious, and convenient--especially frozen berries--when they aren't "in season." I just love having health on hand.

5.) Days off from work
Looking forward to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, aren't you?! And who doesn't love the nostalgia of this movie?
Bonus: Sugar
I just have to put this out there for those sugar scorners. Sugar is not evil.

Top 5 Un-Favorites List with special bonus item

1.) Christmas Lights that are still up.

Christmas is over, people. Get over it. You have until this weekend to take care of it, k?
2.) Skinny Jeans on boys

Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. This is worse than 80's jeans. This is just down right disgusting. Ew.

3.) Skinny Jeans on almost all girls
Unless you have legs like her, skinny jeans aren't for you. I'm sorry, but I just think they are the most unflattering apparel ever. I will never wear skinny jeans. EVER.

4.) Jeans that are too tight around the thighs and too loose in the waist

That brings me to this point. I hate pants shopping for this very reason. I wish I could blame it on too many squats and lunges, but it's just my genes! Oh well.

5.) Belts

And it doesn't get any better because I HATE BELTS. I hate bothering with them, but if I don't want to keep tugging on my pants all day, I've finally figured out that belts solve that problem. Too bad, because I don't like wearing them. Too much restriction. Too much bulk.

Bonus: not eating sugar
Why oh why would anyone forsake sugar (unless you're diabetic)? I am for moderation in all things. I even spend extra time grocery shopping making sure the cereal I buy doesn't have too much sugar in it, among other products. I don't drink soda. I rarely order desserts. I've even bought all natural, no sugar added peanut butter and liked it. (You do however, have to use "real" pb when making these delicious morsels.)

But how, I ask you how, can you give up these? I think life is meant to be enjoyed (with some restraint and self-control), so I will never--yes I say never--completely forsake sugar. I just don't think it's realistic in the long term. And not to have pie on Thanksgiving Day, especially pumpkin, is almost a sin in my book. I give it as my opinion.

There. I said it.

Last of all, I'm so sick of blog formatting. No matter how many times I try to correct the spacing, it's still messed up. I don't have the energy to try to fix the html code and make it perfect, so I apologize for the messed up spacing.

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DP said...

Funny story about Christmas lights. The year before I left on my mission (in Feb.) it was my job to take down the lights. I don't know why I didn't do it; it might have been something deep and psychological, not wanting to let go before I left for Brazil. Or maybe I was just lazy.

Anyway, 2 years later I returned, again in February, to find that my mom had left the Christmas lights up for me to take down.