Thursday, January 21, 2010

Anyone need a calendar?

...because I have four. They were all free. One of them is from Pillsbury. One is from Eat Better America. One is from BYU's Museum of Art. And the other one I won in a bundle of stuff from Staples at an office products show on campus (what can I say; I had a lucky year for contests).

I also have double BGS calendars, a rolling desk calendar, two planners and various other ways to find dates via cell phones and computer programs. I think I'm set for 2010. So, just let me know if you'd like to keep track of your life too.

When Hylan and I visited the Auto Expo on Monday, I found out that he goes gaga for this beautiful vehicle.

Enzo Ferrari

So, maybe we could name our first son Enzo afterall (see that Baby Names post that stirred some opinions). But honestly, I think I'd rather own a house than a Ferrari, don't you?

And what's the big deal about Cadillac Escalades? I just don't get it. Way over priced! I wasn't impressed much with the Maseritis either, but I did like me some Jaguars. I've always liked the Dodge Viper (probably goes back to my Wheel of Fortune watching days). And well, can't go wrong with a good ole Porsche either.

But in the end, we'll always be Toyota people at heart. Sorry America, Japanese cars are just better. I heart my Camry. :)

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DP said...

You're right, you can't go wrong with a Porsche.

I've been a Honda man for many years, but I would switch nationalities if someone wanted to give me a Porsche. Heck, if someone wanted to give me a car, I'd take a brand new Ford Taurus!