Friday, December 18, 2009

Would you ever name your baby...

Disclaimer: This blog is not meant to hurt any feelings and is for entertainment purposes only. Should you take offense, please leave a kind comment at the end of your perusal.

  • Sparrow James Midnight (boy)
  • Heavenly Joy (girl)
  • Atlas (boy)
  • Mars Merkaba (girl)
  • Bandit Lee (girl)
  • Ikhyd Edgar Arular (boy?)
  • Petal Blossom Rainbow (girl)
  • Daisy Boo (girl)
  • Poppy Honey (girl)

...because I wouldn't. You can read someone else's comments here.

Here are some other gems that I found from here. First the girls:

  • Lyric Chanel
  • Zara ("Z" and "X" names are oh so chic these days)
  • Sosie
  • Romy
  • Ireland
  • Lillyella (Ole' yella, lil' yella, big yella--you know...)
  • Sailor
  • Chastity
  • Sonora
  • Dreena
  • Summer Song (this one is actually a bit refreshing.)
  • Tenzin (Maybe it's a foreign name.)
  • Moon Unit (is this an organization or a little girl?)
  • Diva (that's just asking for trouble!)
  • Dusty Rainn (yes, that's a girl's name and yes, she comes from the loins of someone called Vanilla Ice.)

But I have to admit, Gloria and Emilio Estefan made a brilliant choice when they named their daughter EMILY MARIE! I'm just saying.

And now for some boys:

  • Enzo
  • Brooklyn Joseph (don't you think Brooklyn is a girly name!? This one is courtesy of Victoria and David Beckham.)
  • Guggi
  • Yamma
  • Lucian
  • Dashiell
  • Nayib (The Estefan's boy...I don't know what happened...they were on to something with the girl's name.)
  • Satchel (Seamus) (What do the parantheses mean? His name is a bag so we call him something way better--Seamus?)
  • Arpad
  • Brawley (most -ley, -ly, -lee suffixes should be girly names, don't you think?)
  • Hopper (is your baby a frog? rabbit? kangaroo?)
  • Sage Moonblood (really? courtesy of Sylvester Stallone/Sasha Czack/Jennifer Flavin -- does he have two mothers; I don't know? That's just what the website says. Sage is such a tame name and then they had to conjur up a weird image-producing name with Moonblood. So this one is more on here for the combo of names.)
  • Dweezil

I think we can just stop with that last one. I genuinely feel bad for that poor boy. He'll have to play football or something to compensate.

Wasn't that a fun game?

Don't you think names are the selfish reflective indulgence of parents anyway? As well they should be, but sometimes I think some parent's fail to consider the consequences of the names they give to their children. Well, feel free to judge me when I name my first born son, Bear or Lyon (pronounced Lee-own for the city in France, not the animal). Kidding. Mostly. Ha ha. No really, I couldn't name my son Bear or Lyon really. I'm planning on having a girl first anyway and her name is sacred and already picked out and you'll just have to wait X number of months/years to find out.


queendeni said...

Beautiful babies there!!!!

Marissa Marie said...

Is there any particular reason you're looking at baby names? :) I think I knew a Romy growing up...and I think Sonny and Cher's daughter that got a sex change was named Chastity... I find that ironic.

Lachelle said...

I thought you were pregnant or making an announcement when I saw baby names:) I'm glad the names we picked out for our boys are not on your list!

Sandy White said...

It's great when you get pregnant and everyone thinks they need to give you their freaky-weird baby name ideas. We've heard some doozies before! If you like this list, you should check out - it's a great compilation of some of the worst names out there (or name ideas), all of them confirmed by the website author. Every now and then it can be a little crude, but it's well worth it. I almost wet myself the first time through, because I was laughing so hard.

Anonymous said...

Enzo is a classic Italian name. I bet some of the others are foreign too. You might want to be careful, they might be family names. Maybe you should know a bit more be you just post things like that. I'm not offended. I like most of these are silly and I think you are wonderful, but I'm just saying.

Emily said...

I think the names are more funny than anything else, ya know? But please, to anyone out there, just don't name your baby "Dweezil." Okay? We can all have different opinions on names, ya know. I mean, whose ever heard of "Hylan?" I thought it was weird when I first heard it, but I also thought I heard someone call him "Hyrum." But anyway, no baby announcements for me...yet.... I love these comments!

Emily said...

Actually, Enzo does sound cool so I can take that off the list. And really, the list wasn't made because I hate every name on it. I just think some of them are quite quizzical. I'm quite sure not everyone will like the names I eventually pick out for my children...just like not everyone in the world likes pink flamingos...but I do and that's why we can name our children whatever we feel like.

Emily said...

Oh, and to answer Marissa's question...there was an article on MSN this morning and that's where I got the inspiration for the "baby names" post. Currently, I don't care much for babies, but I still think they are cute for other people to have. :)