Thursday, December 3, 2009


I'm so disappointed in Tiger Woods. Aren't you? See what he had to say here.

I agree that he is entitled to a bit of privacy as his family deals with the issues at hand. I also believe in repentance and forgiveness, but I have to admit that I have very little respect for him anymore.

But maybe there will be a happier ending for his family than the Jon and Kate Plus 8 family. I feel sick everytime I think about what fame, fortune, and personal choices have made of them. Sick. Look at those precious children.

To those of us who have the best husbands in the world who are perfect for us, let's tell them all the time! They deserve it! :)


Marissa Marie said...

I guess I would be disappointed in Tiger if I truly believed that these sports guys were worth admiring to begin with.

I will say he's definitely a talented athlete, but obviously talent doesn't always equal character.

Emily said...

Hmm...yeah, I have to admit I've always tended toward admiration of athletes, but probably to my own fault. I couldn't agree with you more!

queendeni said...

These types of things are happening all around us, I just wish we didn't have to hear about it so much, don't you? Oh well, my perfect world I guess. Good post Emily, you made me appreciate my husband more as "World's Best Husband"!!