Sunday, July 12, 2009

Blog for Emily!

I have never blogged before. Emily wants me to blog for her birthday so I am. I hope I do it right. I love my wife. I have decided to post the poem that I wrote for Emily a while back. (I am not a writer and all my grammar is wrong so go easy, please)

Ours is an unexpected union in eternity that one can only sit and wonder about sometimes.

You. The one that makes all the rain feel warm and the night seem so bright.
Me. The man that has searched for you across the sea tasting the bitterness of disappointment.
You. The woman that has never really known her worth till the heavens whispered “patience”.
Me. Stumbling in the darkness of the abyss’s of my soul until the heavens whispered “patience”.
You. That little girl that laughs like there’s no care and no reason but yours.
Me. Wishing that the image of a porcelain goddess is real and attainable.
You. Soft and sweet even when you try not to be.
Me. The big bear that has everything to prove and the world to conquer so I can give it to you.
You. A place where mystery, desire, love, and happiness are finally found.
Me. Trying to be all you need and want.
You. The reason I get up everyday and the reason I will be more than I even now know.
Me. Loving you because I always have and forever will.
You. You make it so easy when you are the heaven on earth I’ve always never known.
Me. Lost without you and the compass that’s yours.
You. Perfect!

Emily, I have needed you for so long. Now that you are here I still can’t believe it. I try to be worthy of my gift everyday. The Lord has seen fit to entrust me with one of his daughters, most precious and sweet. I thank you both!


Holly Janeen said...

i love it.

i love when husbands post on blogs... its the best. good job, Hylan.

Happy Birthday Emily- you are seriously all those things that Hylan says you are- A PORCELAIN GODDESS IS THE BEST DISCRIPTION EVER! :)

Marissa Marie said...

Not to sound repetitive, but awwww.... Emily is pretty great, and it sounds like she's appreciated. :) That's the best!

Anonymous said...

GOOD JOB little brother. I knew you had it in you. Glad your my little sister Emily.