Friday, July 10, 2009

Singer, Panda, Soda, and Me!

What do Jessica Simpson, Tai Shan, Diet Coke, and Emily have in common?


Here's a famous people birthday list.

I hate soda. Yucky poison for the body. But the funny thing is I am exactly the same age as Diet Coke. haha. (Okay, so I don't actually hate soda. I just prefer more nutritious foods...and if I'm going to have a treat it better taste like ice cream or some delicious homemade baked good or dessert, right?)

At work, they decorated our entire office in Pillsbury Doughboy and Happy Birthday paraphernalia (had to spell check that one). And we ate Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls, Biscuits, Cake, and some fruit to celebrate (hey, I had to make a nutritious food exception for my birthday party, ya know what I mean?) Big smile the whole day.

So much love from so many. Thanks everyone. I love birthdays!

Hey Hylan, where's my birthday post?


Marissa Marie said...

sounds like you work with some nice folks. glad it was a great day!

Anonymous said...

Was that last sentence supposed to say, we ATE pillsbury stuff. Because I don't think Pillsbury is going to be thrilled that it says Hate. Don't want to jeopardize anything here.