Friday, March 13, 2009

Six Times The Charm for the Orangemen!

Maybe I'm the only one who cares (wait, I know my sister would care...) but did anyone else see the fantastic matchup between Syracuse and Uconn last night?

Hylan and I had just finished our breakfast for dinner, pancake and eggs, because I had a yoga class and b-ball game of my own so it was a late one, and started watching some basketball games on ESPN. We saw Utah pull off a close victory over TCU. And then we watched Syracuse apparently win by a 3-point buzzer beater at the end of regulation against Uconn.

But nope! The ball didn't actually leave his fingertips before double zero struck the clock, so then guess what happened? Overtime! Not just one or even two. Not even three, not four, didn't end at took SIX! Crazy thing is that Syracuse actually never led in overtime. Never led that is until overtime number six. I jokingly said at the beginning of that overtime, "wouldn't it be funny if one of the teams ends up winning by ten after so many overtimes?" Look at the final score. Hylan was impressed by my superior intuition.

UCONN: 117

The game was a total of 3 hours 46 minutes. (It finished at 1:22 am, EST in NYC). Normal college games are 40 minutes of regulation. Each overtime was an extra 5 minutes. So therefore they almost played two full games. SEVENTY MINUTES of gaming!

A total of eight players fouled out. Syracuse even played a walk-on guy who had never played a single game this past season!

It was UNBELIEVABLE and this is why I love MARCH MADNESS. It's the coolest time ever (along with football bowl games time). LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. I can't wait to fill out my bracket for the upcoming tourney. CAN'T WAIT!!!

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