Tuesday, March 10, 2009


It seems lately life has been consumed by life. It has been overwhelming and straining. Difficult decisions are being made. Today the light is merely a pinpoint, but still, I look forward to brighter days ahead. It's merely the here and now that must be endured and conquered. This quote seems particularly applicable:

“Some may say if we have enough faith, we can sometimes change the circumstances that are causing our trials and tribulations. Is our faith to change circumstances, or is it to endure them? Faithful prayers may be offered to change or moderate events in our life, but we must always remember that when concluding each prayer, there is an understanding: ‘Thy will be done’ (Matt.26:42). Faith in the Lord includes trust in the Lord. The faith to endure well is faith based upon accepting the Lord’s will and the lessons learned in the events that transpire.” Robert D. Hales, Ensign, May 1998, 75

It's time to dig in my heels and be industrious.


queendeni said...

Awww Em, I totally relate! It is interesting how the things that happen to us somehow provoke us into thinking deeper as to what "is" His will, am I really listening, is it my voice? Trusting in Him ha been a journey for me. Still not sure I understand. BUT, I sure feel strength from nowhere! Thank you for this post, I'll glad I'm not alone.

Holly Janeen said...

amen. thanks for the kick in the butt that i needed at this VERY MINUTE!!
*so... off to conquer my LONG to do list...*