Friday, March 6, 2009

...brought to you by the number 3

1.) A few days ago it was Square Root Day (3-3-09), and today it is Multiples of 3 Day (3-6-09). How cool is that?

2.) My family had a cat named Isosceles, because he had a triangle on his nose. Sadly, Isosceles passed away due to cancer during my freshman year of college.

3.) I took AP Calculus and AP Statistics in high school, but somehow bypassed any math classes in college. The 16 credits of a French apparently fulfilled both a "math" requirement for G.E.'s as well the foreign language requirement for the English major. Go figure.

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Holly Janeen said...

that is the most random post ever. EVER. and hilarious.
first of all, that you know "math holidays" second of all that your cat was so uniquely named, and third of all- seriously? french covered math? um, hello... i need to do that :)