Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Evidence of a Utah Irish Feast

Thanks for the jello suggestion, Dave. How can you go wrong with green jello and mandarin oranges, especially in Utah.

I realized later that the recipe I had for the corned beef required curing the meat for five days. Hmm...I only had about five hours. Luckily, Smith's was selling corned beef for just over a dollar a pound. I decided to do the entire vegetable beef concoction in the crockpot. The verdict? It was okay, very flavorful, a little salty, and obviously appropriate for the day, but in the end, I prefer regular beef.

The Irish Soda Bread, however, was delish! It tastes like a giant biscuit. Can't go wrong with that!


Marissa Marie said...

You....are truly festive! Ha ha, I love that you go all out for these things. I don't think I even wore green yesterday...oops!

DP said...

Good job on the jello. Are the oranges a shout-out to the Protestants?

Emily said...

Actually, the oranges are a shout-out to the Mormons. haha.