Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dora the Explorer Grows Up

By now you must have heard of this controversy--Dora the Explorer for tweens. Some are complaining the grown up Dora is too sexualized. Personally, to me it looks like she's wearing more clothes than the bare-kneed, belly-peeking baby Dora. Insert sarcastic smile here.

I mean, c'mon people. Really? Just because tween Dora has longer hair, sparklier eyes, and sparklier jewelry.... I think it's brilliant marketing of a "product" to continue the appeal of a likable character. They're both cute and appropriate and appeal to different age groups.

What do you think?


heatherhite said...

I think it's funny that her hair got lighter. She must have learned the art of dyeing her hair in her tweens!

Holly Janeen said...

i think i am way behind on your blog, darling.
and seriously... how do you hear about these things?