Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A White House Celebrity

I think it's great that President Obama has brought a new flavor to the White House. He represents hope and change, and all that jazz. I'm just concerned about this "starry-eyed" adoration people have for him. The media and Hollywood alike have hailed and celebrated him as if he were some sort of god. I think that's sort of dangerous. President Obama has so many expectations to live up to, and I truly pray for his success, but I hope people as a whole will stop looking for handouts and "pull themselves up by their bootstraps" and build their own American dream. Regardless of who is President, we as Americans have a responsibility to be independent, self-reliant, responsible, voting, and law-abiding citizens.

Isn't it strange how you can count on about two fingers two celebrities who aren't of a liberal persuasion? All I can think of is Jon Voight and Chuck Norris. I'm not saying one party is right or wrong, because frankly, I think the truth is always found somewhere in the middle, but I think it's so weird how our celebrity-obsessed culture is now celebrity-obsessed with President Obama.

Anyway, I do think President Obama ushers in a new era. I believe that Americans voted him into office for a reason. I think he represents a hope that excites and inspires a vast array of people. And I do believe that he CAN do great things. I'm just saying, let's all come back down to reality and let this fervor inspire each of us to do do our part to make this country as great as it is and as it can be.

"Change" in the economy isn't going to come immediately. Our leaders have much work ahead of them and I hope they make the best choices. So let us hurry up and be patient as WE work toward a better America.



DP said...

Well said.

P.S. I heard Obama is hiring speechwriting staff. Maybe you should apply!

heatherhite said...

I completely and thoroughly agree with you and I've been having these same thoughts throughout the entire day. I am happy that he represents overcoming prejudice and all of that, but the celebrity thing worries me a great deal. Has our country learned NOTHING???

Holly Janeen said...

HOORAY! you found me! i had no idea you were a blogger... i am so totally going to stalk you now! :)

what an inspiring post! so positive and hopeful. i am definitely stopping by often and adding you to my list! :)

thanks so much for saying hello! :) and ps. i think you rock as a YW BB referee... very impressive!

BrittbeeLynn said...

I think it's kind of scary how big a part the media played in the election. It's as if the media elected him rather than the people. I'm hoping that he'll do good things as well though. Thanks for the optimistic blog :)

queendeni said...

I don't mean to change the air of optimism, but I do think we will need to pray for him and hold on to our hats.