Monday, January 12, 2009

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Pittsburgh Steelers?


Well, yesterday was my favorite of days! Did you see that brilliant Eagles victory too? I had to record the second half, but I sure loved every minute of the fast forwarded replays!

Now we find ourselves possibly poised for a Pennsylvania Super Bowl with the Steelers victory over the Chargers (sorry Lynn!). This almost happened a few years ago, but maybe this year will bring PA to the spotlight--c'mon it's as cool as a "Subway Series!" I don't want to get too ahead of myself, but I already find myself planning the biggest, bestest, PA Super Bowl bash! Or, some good food, Hylan, and maybe a a couple of friends.

In any case, the prospects are good. I'm just thankful for Stake Conference next Sunday, which means no missing the NFC and AFC Championship games.

Go Eagles! Beat those Cardinals like you did Week 13. And go Steelers! Beat those Ravens like you did weeks 4 and 15 (and then lose to the Eagles in the Super Bowl like you did week 3)!

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Lynnakins said...

The Chargers didn't deserve to make it to the Superbowl anyway. I'd like to see them have an amazing year with healthy players + Merriman, a better record, new plays that utilize players other than our RB... and then I'll be rooting for a Superbowl win. For this year, though, I'm saying "Go Eagles!!!!"