Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Half Birthday!

Today wasn't my favorite of days, but it was capped off by a sensational sunset and the most brilliant and fabulous full moon of the year, finding roasted edamame at Costco, and not to mention, it is my half birthday!

Ever since I was young I started celebrating my birthday on the tenth day of every month. January tenth is extra special because it marks my half birthday.

Also, ever since I was young, I've been fascinated by the moon--particularly full moons. I have always tried to notice and appreciate each full moon, as it only truly comes once a month! In high school, my friend Kamilla and I would always repeat our sad mantra, "the moon is full...and we still don't have boyfriends." Haha! Guess I'm not singing that sad song anymore. Somehow in my head I was convinced full moons were the epitome of romance...blah blah blah. But seriously, I would go outside and talk to the moon like it was my friend that I got to see only once a month, less if the clouds got in the way.

Anyway, I ramble....

To better days! At least we have sunshine to look forward to and a break from the snow here in Utah!

And don't forget to cheer for the Eagles tomorrow while I am at Church. :( :( This is one of the few times I'm oh so tempted...but I'll be where I'm supposed to be doing what's more important. Fly Eagles fly!!!!!

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