Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year New Responsibilities

I need to blog, because it has been awhile. Life has been busy, crazy, and fun.

The new year brings many new responsibilities to my life, not to mention the never-ending battle against the snow (which takes me anywhere from an hour to two hours each time it snows to dig out our sidewalk and driveway). Anyway, this week I begin teaching yoga at UVU and also start fulfilling my responsibilities as Assistant Stake Sports Director, which means basketball season.

Yesterday, I found out that I apparently never officially changed my name with the government, even though I did with the banks, church, dmv, and even my passport, so I spent most of the afternoon at the social security office, driving back home through the snow because I forgot my marriage certificate, and trying to get back to the office before they closed at 4:00 pm in the snow. I made it at 3:55. Whew! I managed to make it back to UVU before 5:00 to prove to them I updated my social security card. Now I have to wait to be updated in their system so I can get an id card and a parking permit, and be able to put my syllabus on blackboard as I prepare for the semester.

Oh, 2009...it should be an interesting one. For as messed up as 2008 became, I still really enjoyed it. So, there are some financial struggles globally and personally, I know it will eventually get better. Patience is needed.

So, Happy New Year all! I hope you make it the best year yet! :) We have so much to be grateful for.


P.S. Who's excited for the new Biggest Loser tonight? :) I already know Hylan is going to be like, again? Already?

And what a great job Utah in the Sugar Bowl--way to bust the BCS! And who can forget my beloved Eagles? What a great game coming up against the Giants. Eeek, I'm on the edge of my couch waiting in anticipation!

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Marissa Marie said...

I don't know that I'll follow the biggest loser, but apparently Blaine and Dane are LDS and from AZ, one of my friends is good friends with them. Go losers! Ha ha, but seriously, they work hard!