Friday, January 23, 2009

$35,000 Down the Toilet

Imagine having 35,000 just to spend on a toilet. Google John Thain and you'll find out why I'm blogging about him and his office redecoration expenses.

  • Persian Area Rug =$87,000
  • Egyptian Silk Curtains =$28,000
  • Mink Guest Chairs =$87,000
  • Roman Shade Fabric =$11,000
  • Mahogany Pedestal Table =$25,000
  • 19th Century Credenza =$68,000
  • Hand-Stitched Polynesian Sofa =$28,000
  • George IV Desk =$18,000
  • Wall Sconces =$2,700
  • 6 Antique Chairs =$37,000
  • Private Dining Room Mirror =$5,000
  • Dining Room Chandelier =$13,000
  • Commode On Legs =$35,000
  • Regency Chairs =$24,000
  • 40 yards of Fabric For Wall Panels =$5,000
  • Parchment Waste Can =$1,400
  • Additional designer Expenses =$30,000

Personally, I don't get the whole "parchment trash can." What good is a trash bucket made out of paper? Right? It's like making a trash can out of trash, very expensive trash, mind you.

And I thought I was all high-end by shopping at Target instead of Walmart. Guess I thought wrong.


David and Emily said...

Holy cow, that's ridiculous! I read on wiki that he paid his driver $230,000. I want that job!

And his redesign was $800,000 while the Obama's (by the same decorator) was only $100,000 for the WHITE HOUSE. CRAZY!!!

queendeni said...

He could probably pay off the national debt???

Holly Janeen said...

for real?
what is WRONG with people?
i mean, i like having nice things... but what the what?