Monday, January 26, 2009

Poinsettia Heaven and A Thomas Cake

Hylan helped me put away "Christmas" this year way back on January 3rd, but our beautiful poinsettia (which you can see in these Christmas pictures) lasted quite a bit longer. Today I decided that although it still had some bright red blossoms, the greenery was starting to look sparse, so it was time to let her die in the frozen tundra and go to poinsettia heaven. I miss the color, beauty, and life that plant brought to our home already!

Is it spring yet? I need some more flowers to take care of!

AND CHECK OUT THIS AWESOME THOMAS CAKE MY SISTER MADE FOR MY NIECE'S SECOND BIRTHDAY! I would have rather been at the party than reffing basketball games and making sure a program ran smoothly, but oh well. C'est la vie. My nieces love Thomas and have multiple tracks and trains and often refer to Thomas as "Tomassito," thanks to their dad. That reminds me of the pizza place, Tomassito's, that I worked for back in college, but I ramble....

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Holly Janeen said...

look at you two all cute :)

i know what you mean about having a plant in the house to make everything seem brighter and happier... my problem is that i keep killing them! well, i mean, its only HALF my fault because i have never lived in a climate like this... and i have no idea how to help my plants live in the cold!

and um, looks like your sister is as talented as YOU when it comes to cooking and baking...