Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Quirky Facts About Yours Truly

I think I was tagged some time ago, so I decided to make my own tag that everyone or no one can do. Here are some quirky facts about me that you may not know.

  • I only like low cut socks with sneakers. They have to be the kind that are barely seen above your shoe, or it doesn't count. I just think it looks weird to wear socks any longer. Here is an example of it done wrong (on the left) and done right (on the right). The longer the sock gets, the more it cuts off the length of your leg, so therefore the greater my distaste. The worst are the socks that go all the way up the shin but then gets scrunched down (80's style).

  • Whenever I need to use hairspray, which isn't very often because I don't really prefer it, I have to go to Hylan's bathroom and use his. Funny, huh?

  • I never wear belts, even though I own two pairs of jeans that I can't wear unless I have a belt; I HATE BELTS. I hate anything elastic or tight across my mid-section. When I was little, I hated to wear jeans because I thought they were the most uncomfortable article of clothing.

  • I'll eat almost anything that is "healthy" including things like salmon, which I don't "love," but I convince myself the benefits outweigh the taste; I do however, genuinely like most soy and tofu products.

  • I say "soda," not "pop," or "soda pop," or the ever-confusing "coke" that is used to refer to any kind of carbonated beverage. However, I rarely drink soda--I prefer to eat my sugar not drink it, so only on very special or rare occasions (less than a handful of times in a year). But anytime I have a sip of Fresca, I forget how much I do enjoy it.
  • It has been so long...I didn't even know they changed the label for Fresca.

  • I've never dyed my hair. I'm too afraid that it wouldn't ever return to its natural color. I love how the sun naturally highlights my hair. I miss the sun and summertime!

  • I have a love/hate relationship with shopping. I like wearing cute outfits, but truthfully, I don't like searching for them because I have such an analytical mind: How much does it cost? Is it worth spending the money on? What color do I need in my closet? What color looks best on me? It's so cute but if it were just an inch longer. It looks good but it's not comfortable. What do I need? It's not what I came to buy. Would I really wear it enough to make it worth it? But I have a 20% off coupon. I like both, but which one to pick. I'm really thirsty; I should go home so I don't have to buy a drink. It's flattering, but.... Blah, blah, blah. My brain is a very tiring place.

  • Around age four, I decided I was too smart to believe in Santa Claus. Sorry, Virginia!

What are some of your quirks? Do you relate to any of mine?

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BrittbeeLynn said...

I used to have the same problem with belts and jeans! I love belts and jeans now, but I never wore a single pair of jeans until somewhere around the 8th or 9th grade!