Friday, August 29, 2008

Flowers & Boyz

This is what I see each time I leave and come home. After religiously watering, fertilizing, deadheading, and debugging my flowers, they are finally blog-worthy.

But anyway...

Last night I took Hylan to see my Boyz. After patiently waiting through a singing contest that doubled as the opening act, the men of the night came out blazing and serenaded us to some of their most popular hits like "End of the Road," "On Bended Knee," "Water Runs Dry," and "The Color of Love,"as well as other classic Motown songs like "Ain't Nothing like the Real Thing," "War," "Money, (That's What I Want)," and "Just My Imagination." "Doing a little East Coast swing," they began and ended the night with "Motownphilly," making this East Coaster proud of her roots. Shawn is still my favorite. What a great night!

I'm pretty much the giddiest little kid when it comes to stuff like this. Here is me clutching my "golden ticket."

The Scera Shell is a fun outdoor venue. We took a blanket and pillows and played with some Uno cards (Spit and War--that's for you, Amy, although Spit was hard to play as we were on an incline).

Sometimes it's hard to get Hylan to smile, but then I showed him his picture and he started laughing, so I quickly snapped a couple more pictures mid-laugh.

I have an old digital camera that takes decent snap shots, but the dark picture is the best I got from the actual concert. The next two pictures were taken off the web, but it's pretty much what our concert looked like.

The Boyz seemed genuinely thrilled with the 5,000 + capacity crowd and Wanya even commented about how great Orem, Utah was saying, "we'll definitely be coming back here." Even though they may have been mere flatteries to get the crowd to scream louder, if they make good on their promise, I want front row seats so they can touch my hand and give me a rose during a romantic ballad. Haha! :) Hylan is secure; he won't get jealous.
Oh, and did you notice Hylan shaved and got a haircut? All in the same weekend too! I must have been really good last week, or lucky, or something. So fresh and so clean. Lovin' it!

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queendeni said...

Oh Hey Emily, Nate went to that concert too! Glad you had fun there girl!! Guess what, we start tomorrow night, are you still game to be a TA? also, Powertone is at 9:00 a.m. at UVU. If you coje wear a grey t-shirt, Love ya, girl